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Happy 2009….

Well….we made it.  It is 2009 and so far its been a lovely year!  The sky is blue, the ground is white and there is a still, crispness in the air.   Angelica Pickles is looking so pretty newyears2008-026this morning wearing a huge bow Kirsti newyears2008-022tied on her.   

I hope 2008 left with grace and no matter what you were doing the transition was happy.  Often times we have trouble staying up to midnight but we did so well last night.

Our friends came packed with unexpected goodies as well as their pajamas.  The Love Bunny and I were so pleased with the way dinner turned out.  I will  share the ClamChowder recipe we put together and served as one of our courses.   After dinner we watched part of ABBA’s DVD which had their song “Happy New Year”…and with the countdown at TimesSquare we greeted the new year with some champagne and Peter set his camera on tripod and timer to take a picture of all of us.   I’ll look forward to receiving the picture from him.

They brought a delicious New Year’s/Birthday cake we had at some point before our 2:00 a.m. bedtime rolled along. newyears2008-018  newyears2008-021I obviously took a HUGE breath to make sure I blew alllllll the candles out. 




We were up at 7:30 and the Love Bunny and I prepared brekky for us and we tried a new breakfast casserole recipe that was ready in only 15 minutes.  It was great because we didn’t have to prepare it the night before.  I’ll share the recipe tomorrow as well.  We served it with fried potatoes and toast and I can’t even imagine we were hungry again….ever after our grazing evening.  But today is a new day…a new year…a good day to start a diet…once again.  *g*.

Perhaps this will be a day you’ll visit with friends, or family…perhaps this will be a day to take down Christmas..or perhaps you’ll  relax and rejuvenate.  I’ll finish packing my Christmas decorations away and otherwise we’ll take it easy.  newyears2008-013Even my “buddies” will set aside their newly acquired New Year’s hats and slip away for another year.

Have a lovely day….*hugs*.  Judi


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