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New Year’s Day Recipes – Yummy..

First, thank you for all the early Birthday best wishes.   Saturday, January 3rd is actually my birthday we celebrated early with our New Year’s PJ friends.  I neglected to mention on New Year’s Day post that we were celebrating New Year’s AND my birthday early.  My New Year’s eve post barely mentioned it and it was easy to miss.  Maybe I was thinking it would be soooooo fun to have you sing Happy Birthday to me on New Year’s Day.  So many of you did and that was so special!   Now I guess I won’t have anyone sing to me on Saturday..*pouting*.

I wanted to share the recipe for Clam Chowder we also served on New Year’s Eve.  We used 3 different recipes to come up with this one and it really was very delish.  It is as follows:

Clam Chowder

2 strips minced bacon

3 potatoes, cooked, peeled and cut into 1″ cubes

1 cup celery diced very small

1 cup onion diced very small

2 tbsp. carrot diced very small

1 jar clam juice

2 cans chopped clams, drain reserving juice

1 cup 1/2 and 1/2 cream

1/2 cup milk

Pepper to taste

1 tsp minced garlic

3 tbsp. flour

3 tbsp. butter

Cook bacon, celery, garlic, onion and carrot in 1 tbsp. butter until veggies are softened but not brown.   Stir in flour one tablespoon at a time.    Stir in the clam juice slowly. newyears2008-004  Bring to boil to thicken stirring continuously.  Add cream, milk and potatoes.  Cover and continue to simmer for 15 minutes.  Do not boil once cream is added.  Add clams and simmer another 10 minutes.   Serve and enjoy with oyster crackers ….  

Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of the finished soup with the cream and milk.  We were so anxious to try it out.  Yours will be creamier, obviously.


For New Year’s Day brekky we quickly made the following breakfast casserole along with seasoned, canned, fried potatoes and toast.   It was fast and very easy.  Its great because its a breakfast casserole you don’t have to prepare the night before.  Its yum.    A breakfast casserole is a great idea to serve overnight guests or a crowd.  Again we made it and enjoyed it….and forgot the picture!  Just believe me when I say it looks REALLY yum too.

Crescent Roll Breakfast Casserole

To serve 4

1/2 pkg Bob Evans Original Sausage

1 pkg Crescent Rolls

4 eggs

2 cups grated mozarella ( I used 1 cup mozarella and 1 cup cheddar)

3/4 cup milk

salt and pepper to taste

Grease 8×8 pan. 

Brown the sausage in a frying pan.   Spread crescent rolls in pan and press pieces together.  In a bowl beat eggs with fork, add milk and  salt and pepper and beat in well.  Spread browned sausage on crescent rolls.   Pour egg mixture over sausage and sprinkle cheese over.

Bake 15 minutes (until eggs set).  Let rest for 5 minutes and cut into squares.


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