PINK Saturday and my REAL Birthday…

Today is PINK Saturday AND my birthday..*grinning*.  I really don’t usually mention my birthday (although a friend recently said we should be very happy to be here to celebrate each one, which is so true).   But it seems to be something I’ve mentioned in my last 3 blogs. newyears2008-017 We celebrated early with friends on New Year’s eve and then you have been so kind to sing early to me and I’ve loved the good wishes and now today is really the day.   I always say I like to have mine first thing in the new year so its over and I don’t have to worry about getting older waiting for it later in the year!!

My 2  sons and their families and my mom will be coming over for lunch.   My eldest son Geoff is working in the afternoon so we’re getting together early.  The Love Bunny made some delicious Swiss Steak with pearl onions and carrots that stewed all evening.  We’ll be serving it over egg noodles.  We’ll have caesar salad and I made some cornbread in my new iron skillet.  I think it’ll be yummy and we’ll have a nice visit.  My DIL had her birthday on December 30th and the Love Bunny and I went out for dinner with them to celebrate that day.  My youngest son Richard’s lady, Eva’s birthday is on the 21st so this will be a together birthday celebration.

AND its PINK Saturday  and Beverly from HowSweetTheSound is hosting it for us.  The list is growing so be sure to click to Beverlys and visit the other participants of lovely PINKness.   Be sure to leave a comment so they know you’ve been there.  They will be happy to know you’ve visited.

This is my favourite cup and saucer that make my tea taste just so right.   I love the pretty PINK design both inside the delicate cup and outside. fall2008-009  I have had it for years and it is the Love Series from Royal Albert.







When my youngest son Richard and his Eva came back from a 2-year trip to British Columbia  last fall I returned their Joya plant that I’d been looking after.   I took a little leaf clipping first and rooted it.  fall2008-007 It has grown so well in just over a year and it sits in this little PINK sugar dish.   If you are lucky this plant grows a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers that look like porcelin flowers and that give a sweet fragrance in the evening.  I hope this one will flower in time for me. 

Thank you for visiting on PINK Saturday.   Enjoy the rest of the PINK participants.    Judi


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28 responses to “PINK Saturday and my REAL Birthday…

  1. Your Royal Albert teacup is beautiful, BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! I would love to have one of those to drink from. A friend of mine has bought a whole RA collection to eat from everyday!!! That is so cool!

    I also have a Hoya plant, and adore it. Mine is variagated green and white leaves. It is finally starting to grow a little more, but it sure is a slow process. I am wondering if I should cut it back to encourage more growth?????

    Here is a picture of my Hoya if you want to see!!!

    Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!!! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday and Happy Pink Saturday! Any tea would taste just right in that pretty teacup! ~ Robyn

  3. Happiest PINK Saturbirthday!!
    Love your china cup…are you having tea at your party?

  4. Happy Birthday, Judi. That dinner sounds so good. You gotta keep that guy around. Happy Pink Day.

  5. wow! that is a beautiful teacup! i love the colours & the pattern.. and tea sure taste so right! I agreed! hehehe Happy Pink Saturday & Happy new year

  6. Happy Birthday and pink Saturday,
    also love the recipes,

  7. happy pink birthday saturday! i think from the picture you are 50??? anyway that is the best day in your whole life. i absolutely loved being 50. hope your year is great too. love the tea cup!

  8. Fill your beautiful tea cup with your favorite tea…now………pinky out!!
    Let’s drink to your Birthday!!
    Happy Pink Saturday & Very Happy Birthday!!

  9. Happy, Happy Birthday!

    I also love that beautiful pink teacup!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. Happy Birthday! Have a great day.


  11. Let me offically say a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! I hope you enjoy your dinner with your family! It sounds good! Some of my favorite people have birthdays in January!!!

    The teacup is very pretty. 🙂 I can see why it makes you tea taste all the better!

    I also hope the plants blooms for you. When it does, be sure to get some pictures of the pretty flowers to share.

    take care,

  12. My first pink Saturday… Happy Pink Saturday!

    Happy Birthday!

  13. OK I’ll sing to you again….just know it is off key but filled with love♥

    Happy Birthday to you….
    Happy Birthday toooo you…..
    Happy Birthday dear Judi…..

  14. Happy birthday! The food sounds great, and it sounds like a lovely time for all, not just the birthday girl. Your tea cup is just exquisite…I love it. There’s something about the just right cup, that makes your tea so good. Kathleen

  15. Happy Pink Saturday and a very Happy Birthday, Judi.

    It sounds like you are having a great celebration this year. Enjoy!

  16. Happy, Happy Birthday Dearest Judi! Oh, I’m glad you’ve told us and glad you had a wonderful celebration. I too, absolutely love that beautiful tea cup and saucer!
    Thank you Judi for your concerns for my Mother. God is good and things are beginning to look up~!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  17. Happy Birthday to you! I just had to comment on the lovely tea cup – I can see why it’s your favorite! Gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by my blog today 🙂 xoxo Sherri

  18. Oh – what a beautiful teacup! Happy Birthday!!!

  19. Happy birthday Judi! Love that pretty tea cup!

  20. CC

    Just plain water would be wonderful in that beautiful cup. Happy, happy birthday..hope it was lovely. Happy Pink Saturday and have a great weekend.

  21. No, I have never had a french poodle, but always wanted one. I love dogs, but have a cat, and fear getting a dog now would change my relationship with my handsome Siamese….he is such a Momma’s boy. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great Sunday! Kathleen

  22. Hi Judi, So nice to meet you and so glad you stopped by. It looks like birthday greetings are in store for you today on this belated Pink Saturday. Happy happy birthday to you. Don’t worry about being late to Pink Saturday. There are so many participants that we are out and about doing greetings all week. Have a wonderful week and I do hope you will stop by again. ~ smiles ~ Lynn

  23. Happy pink Saturday to you and thanks for stopping by. yes, we were all shocked by what happened. Sis says nephew is still crying himself to sleep. You just never know what animals will do or how resilient they can be. Rocket is doing very well. Have a great day!

  24. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! I just love the tea cup, so pretty. :)Ellen

  25. Ellen

    Happy belated birthday! You young thing you! I love your Royal Albert cup and saucer. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this pretty pattern. Thanks for your visit to my Pink. I’m behind this weekend because of travelling…

  26. Ellen

    Oh and I’m a different ellen than the Ellen above my comment. :0)

  27. Joy

    Happy birthday Judi!

    Your tea cup and saucer are absolutely stunning, truly.

    (p.s. my first name is Eva – just wanted to mention because I so rarely run across others with that name!)

  28. Well, I am so glad to meet you via Pink Sat!! (on the following Wed. !) .
    Happy belated birthday!! After reading your newer posts,it looks like you celebrated in style–what fun to have your family with you!! I loved all of your gifts and that sweet card your g. daughter made for you—that beats a HMark any day of the week! 🙂
    I hope your return to work has been OK–starting out with your “holiday lunch” is certainly something to look forward to!
    Thank you so much for leaving your comment on my 100th post–you are entered in my drawing! Dana

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