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Today it feels like Christmas and the lovely season are  really at an end.  Many of you like me may be going back to work tomorrow.  yikes!  It was wonderful having this long stretch off since Christmas eve.   I’ve so enjoyed reading everyone’s blogs about their Christmas and the weeks before and now the week after, the sharing of your special times.

Thank you to everyone for all your good wishes.  Geez.  We’ve already celebrated 3 birthdays and we’re only on day 4 of 2009.  birthdays-2008-027This is yesterday with my DIL Robyn on the right and Richard’s Eva on the left.   We only put one candle per cake and Madeline’s birthday is in the summer but we needed help from her anyway. 

My granddaughgter Madeline made a lovely card for me with hearts and sparkles.  She is almost 4.5 years old and already knows how to print so many words.  birthdays-2008-068The card has a caterpillar on it made from a popsicle stick and pompoms because she said I like bugs.  She painted a kitty’s head also.  

birthdays-2008-065I had borrowed my younger Richard’s rotary tool for about a year anticipating working more with it.  And look I now have my VERY own and now they do too..*g*.    

My eldest son Geoff slipped a gift card for Winners into my birthday card.  I am going to slip away in a little bit and use that towards a new purse. 

birthdays-2008-061The Love Bunny gave me a beautiful gold necklace and the lovely gold earrings are from my mother.   My girlfriend Kirsti phoned and sang the whole Happy Birthday song…special. 

My birthday was such a lovely one.   While I loved all the beautiful gifts I received on this day I always feel badly because its so darn close to Christmas and everyone has had extra expenses already.   Just being together sharing the lunch and birthday cake and their “PRESENCE” is truly the most lovely one they could give to me.    birthdays-2008-058 









I hope you have a lovely lovely day ….. Judi


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