I Owe..I Owe…


I owe, I owe its off to work I go.  THAT was my song for today.

I was also feeling rather sad having to go back to work today after a nice long Christmas holiday.  The good thing was we were eased into it gently.  Before Christmas we had to cancel our Christmas office lunch due to bad weather and we decided to have it the first day we were back.  That be Today!  We all went to the Mandarin Chinese Buffet and had a delish lunch resulting in a short day.    After all the eating and munching of the holiday season though we should have been going to a salad bar!  It was a fun afternoon and I think we’ll just try the work thing again tomorrow.

This is from my Cherished Bunnies Collection….love my bunnies.

I hope you have had a lovely day… Judi


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15 responses to “I Owe..I Owe…

  1. That sounds like a nice way to ease back into work after the holidays! I am so tired after my first day back. I could fall asleep right now! I love my vacations and sleeping in!!

    Two of my fellow Kindergarten teachers and myself order lunch out every Friday. We got “snowed” out of that right before the holiday break as well.

    Have a good day at work tomorrow.

    take care,

  2. That should be built into everyone’s back-to-work plan. What a great idea.

  3. Judi, I am so glad I do not go to work anymore. Retirement is lovely but I will say I enjoyed working for many years. Your lunch with your co-workers sounds like fun and the real work starts tomorrow. That was nice for breaking in the routine.

    Your bunny is adorable. Who doesn’t love bunnies. You will have to share some more one day. Have a great work day tomorrow.


  4. Dang…I had to work today and they didn’t feed me anything!!! I like your day better than mine. And that bunny is adorable!

  5. Ellen

    Ha! What a great figurine!! Glad you had an easy day today. Oh and I think I need to eat salad w/0 dressing for at least a month to take off what I mangaged to pack on the last couple months :0(
    Have a great week…

  6. Hi Judi, I’m glad you had a nice lunch out to make it easier to get back in the routine. I know what you mean about needing a salad bar too! Hope your week goes well!

  7. Your bunny is sooooo CUTE! That was a great way to ease back into work!

  8. Hi sweet Judi! Now I like the sound of your work day! Eat and visit – that would work for me!
    That little bunny is darling!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  9. LOL! I was feeling the same way today! Back to the old grind. Glad you started it with a fun lunch! Genius on ya’lls part! 2 of my teammembers were out sick today…too much partying, I suppose! LOL. I think it is the flu. Glad I took my flu shot this year…been safe so far! Have a great Tuesday tomorrow! 🙂

  10. Judi, that sounds like the perfect work day to me! 🙂 And Christmas is not techinically over… today is Epiphany! That’s the day that the wise men came to visit Jesus. And yesterday was 12th Day Eve! 🙂

    I love your little cutie in the picture!


    Sheila 🙂

  11. sjbraun

    I remember when I was working, I felt the same way about the first day back 😦 The buffet sounds like a great way to ease the pain, though! I love your bunny – I’ve always loved rabbits (our little mini-lop (real) is behind me as I type.

  12. Sue

    Hi Judi….thanks so much for visiting my blog today….I saw your recipe for the French Canadian beef pie, I’m trying that this week, it looks very tasty….As you can tell from my blog we love food!! I hope you come back often to visit….Did you see our favorite post for the new year, our granddaughter Sophie’s calendar…..

  13. What a cute rabbit! Thanks for coming by my blog for a visit! I enjoyed my visit here! You have a cute blog and I may have to try some of these delicious recipes! 🙂 ~Rhonda

  14. Warm greetings from white, frosty Finland!
    All children and grandchildren have gone their homes and now after some cleaning I have a little time for visits!
    I wish you and your family very happy this beginning year, 2009, Judi!

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