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Nothing Much to Post…

I just haven’t had much of anything to post this week.  Each work day has flown by almost in a haze as we try to get things in place for first day of classes next week.   I’ve been one  tired bunny in the evenings but I have been doing some blogland reading.  I think its partially the shock of the end of the holidays coming in full steam and then smack we’re done. 


Angelica Pickles is doing well and with a new name.  The students as you may recall named her Angelica and then added Pickles but it seemed I couldn’t “warm” up to calling her Angelica.  When Marc mentioned how he felt about the name that was all I needed.    She is now “Miss Abagaile Angelica Pickles” but I’m calling her “Abby”.   I think her other life name must have been similar because her ears perked right up as soon as we called her Abby.   Thats a more cuddly kind of name more suitable for her. 

I was cleaning out a closet and she slipped right into a little bit of space I’d cleared up.  langstons-to-xmas-decorations-181

I’m going to give the Vet a call tomorrow because its been almost a month since she was declawed and she tends to hold up her left paw or give a little limp at times.  Otherwise she is a very happy little lady and it feels like she’s been in my life longer than only one month.

  I hope your day has been a good one…. Judi xoxo


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