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Gift Giving Gifts

For Christmas the Love Bunny, Marc gave me this lovely Taste of Home Cookbook.  birthdays-2008-010Its in a binder form and its really neat because each recipe has 4 different takes of the recipe some simpler than others and each one also has a recipe for ” Serving for Two. ”  I can’t wait to start making goodies from it and so far I’ve been oogling at the pictures. 






Now the cookbook also has  a free 1 Year Subscription to a Taste of Home magazine included in the package.  Isn’t that neat?   

 Janet (Marc’s daughter) gave me this beautiful 2009 Better Homes & Gardens Cake Calender. birthdays-2008-004 Let me tell you it has wicked cakes, a different one for each month. 








 Look at January’s Bourbon Chocolate Tipsy Cake.  birthdays-2008-013Now is this some sort of different type of mold they are using, or what are they doing?  I’ve never seen one like this?  Has anyone seen one or have a suggestion where I could get one?  Now if not I guess I could use a bundt cake though the effect will be different.  YUMMYYYY eh? (thats Canadian for yes?)  *s*..





Well can you imagine the Calendar also came with a 1 Year Subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine! birthdays-2008-0111 I was so doubled wowed by this double gift idea.  So I’m going to send them off.   








 The first thing I said when I got the calendar was that I would bake the cake of the month each month. birthdays-2008-005  So I may just be sharing some lovely pics and recipes…..mmmmm…  I hope you have a yummy kind of day …   Judi


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