Gift Giving Gifts

For Christmas the Love Bunny, Marc gave me this lovely Taste of Home Cookbook.  birthdays-2008-010Its in a binder form and its really neat because each recipe has 4 different takes of the recipe some simpler than others and each one also has a recipe for ” Serving for Two. ”  I can’t wait to start making goodies from it and so far I’ve been oogling at the pictures. 






Now the cookbook also has  a free 1 Year Subscription to a Taste of Home magazine included in the package.  Isn’t that neat?   

 Janet (Marc’s daughter) gave me this beautiful 2009 Better Homes & Gardens Cake Calender. birthdays-2008-004 Let me tell you it has wicked cakes, a different one for each month. 








 Look at January’s Bourbon Chocolate Tipsy Cake.  birthdays-2008-013Now is this some sort of different type of mold they are using, or what are they doing?  I’ve never seen one like this?  Has anyone seen one or have a suggestion where I could get one?  Now if not I guess I could use a bundt cake though the effect will be different.  YUMMYYYY eh? (thats Canadian for yes?)  *s*..





Well can you imagine the Calendar also came with a 1 Year Subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine! birthdays-2008-0111 I was so doubled wowed by this double gift idea.  So I’m going to send them off.   








 The first thing I said when I got the calendar was that I would bake the cake of the month each month. birthdays-2008-005  So I may just be sharing some lovely pics and recipes…..mmmmm…  I hope you have a yummy kind of day …   Judi


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11 responses to “Gift Giving Gifts

  1. Judi,

    May I pleaaaaaaaase come to your house to eat??? What a great cookbook, and I want that chocolate cake on the cover of the magazine! Neat that you got that subscription with the cookbook.

    Wishing you a very happy day!


    Sheila 🙂

  2. What fun to get magazine subscriptions along with your new cookbooks. I look forward to seeing the things you cook out of them.

  3. I gained five pounds just looking at those photos! THank you SOOOOOO much – NOT!

    Hey! I found the fuchsia rose purse — the one I found on someone’s blog? Hers is not felted — I added two more rounds to account for shrinkage during felting, plus I wanted more petals (with me, where roses are concerned, MORE IS MORE!). Anyway, here’s the link, and happy hooking!!

  4. I wished that I lived close enough to drop in once a month!

  5. What thoughtful and “tasteful” (yes, pun intended!) gifts. The cake looks good. I love looking at cook books but the “boys” in my family are strictly meat and potato guys!

    How nice that both of those gifts came with a magazine subscription.

    take care,

  6. Suzanne

    Wow… again. Lots of good recipes. Neat that the cookbook offers variations to the recipes, and that Cake calendar….yowsers! You might could fine a similar cake pan at Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table…both online. Show us when you make them, please!!!


  7. Thank you for visiting and Happy New Year to you too. I am so glad to see your new cookbooks you got for Christmas. (I can’t believe you got the magazines too!) I love cookbooks and can never get enough of them. I spend hours just looking before ever baking anything. Have a good weekend.

  8. Judi I am sooo at your house for meals and cakes! LOL!
    What great gifts those are. Now those are gifts I can really appreciate.
    You know I looked at my pics and if a person didn’t know better, they would think there was something wrong with those elephant seals, but honestly they were sunbathing. I actually have one where the elephant seal is flipping me the bird (his fin!)lol
    Those boats do look like they are in straight lines. I never looked at it that way. Thanks for the new perspective.
    Enjoy your day and I hope you’re keeping warm!

  9. Evening, Judiness! Oh, I love cookbooks and since you’re going to be trying out so many new recipes, maybe you’ll invite me over to eat! Thanks for the visit and the compliments!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  10. Hello Judi, thank you for your welcome comment today. I think your cat is a bonus and a good rescue too. I enjoyed the story about how you adopted Abby.

    Your cook books are awesome. I love to cook and bake. I do less baking now because of the sugar. Two of my sisters are diabetic and I have to watch mine too. So far I am ok but not without a big effort on my part. Be sure and post your cakes so we can have a cyber piece. smile.


  11. What awesome gifts! I could not have them around cause I would want to make and EAT all of these lovelies! I WOULD love the magazine subscriptions though…for sure!!!
    I have never seen that one chocolate cake mold either…it sure is a wildly strange one! I like the look of it, but the designer must have been on drugs to have come up with it!!! LOLOL! 🙂

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