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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Yikes!!

Oh my.  Our blogging friends can help us out without even knowing it!  I was reading Dawn’s story yesterday about her car not passing the emissions test and I started thinking of my own car which is also new.  While I was reading,  the other half of my brain was running through some kind of check and realized that I had not renewed my license plate stickers on January 3rd when it was my b’day.  Yikes!!!!   I am thinking of all the driving I’ve been doing all over the place and how lucky I was not to be caught.  I know its over a $200. fine for doing that.  Now I had to make it to work today and  I will drive to the license bureau during lunch and I sure hope my luck holds out.  How dumb!!  But thank you Dawn…I wonder how long I might have kept driving before it even occured to me.  I’ve had the application since November for heaven’s sake!

Have you seen the new movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett?    For Christmas 3 of our GenEd teachers at work gave me a coupon for 2 movie tickets, 2 pop and a bag of popcorn.  That was a GREAT gift that Marc and I totally enjoyed on Saturday.   The movie is about 2 hours and 46 minutes in length.  It is warm, and  romantic and a love story with Brad Pitt but also the love and compassion of others throughout.  At the end my emotions were of peace and some sadness and wonder.  If you haven’t yet seen it and are planning to I am sure you’ll enjoy it too.   As usual Brad Pitt is excellent in the movie.    He really is a good looker too once he reaches the right age in the movie.  These are a few pics I found on this site

I hope you enjoy your day… Judi xoxo


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