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Took a Tag

7 Random Thoughts…..

Diane from A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words  recently was tagged for 7 Random Things About Me.   She offered the Tag to anyone who needed some blogging material.  That be me right now.   I have been busy all evening doing early spring cleaning  (on one of the coldest nights this winter) I could call it.  I am plowing through closets and  sorting and chucking and putting aside to take to the Goodwill and organzing.  Whew.  I’m having a little break.

 First here is a cute little picture of Madeline… madeline-cuteshe and I are having a “girl’s night” at my place tomorrow evening.  I’ll pick her up and we’ll have dinner and playyyyyyy… can’t wait!

  This is my 7 Random Things About Me….

1)   I attended half  of grade 5 and all of grade 6 in a one room school in a little village about 10 hours north of me.   It     was a great experience and it sure was very cold up there!

2)   I like to fish especially casting and ice fishing.    I can stand by the shore at the cottage alone casting out and       reeling in and casting out and reeling in and get lost in my thoughts….

3)   I saw the Monkees in Toronto and was in love with Davey Jones.  :o)

4)   My parents are from Finland and came to Canada about a year after they were married.  I was born a couple of         years later.   We spoke Finnish at home and I learned on my own to read and write the language.   Mostly my conversation with my mother these days  is her speaking in Finnish and my answering in English.

5)   My favourite month is May.  I love the buds and flowers and everything pretty about the new spring season.  I feel  restful because it feels the nice warm weather is just beginning and the summer will last a long time.  Once I’ve established that I LOVE the summer months.

6)   Like Diane I have never mastered driving a standard-shift car.  In earlier years Itried and tried but  would get so nervous about having to brake and then think about how I’ll spit and sput trying to get going again!  *lol*.   I was once practising with my ex and we passed a police car.  I pulled over and made him switch seats and when we drove off the officer stopped our car.  He was suspicious of why we did that.

7)  I LOVE my morning coffee and then I’m done for the day.  I think about it at night before drifting off to sleep…aaaahhhhh I can’t wait to get up to my coffee. 

I’m passing it on to you if you happen to run short of blogging material…  Judi xoxo


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