Pink Saturday

  Its PINK Saturday hosted by Beverley at   How Sweet The Sound.  All kinds of lovely pinkness can be found when you visit her blog today.  Visit all the participants and leave a comment.   They want to know you’ve really been there and they love reading what you have to say  :o)

“It’s PINK  Saturday yipppeeee my momma loves PINK  Saturday”  said  Abby.  Pink Saturday!!  What IS PINK  Saturday anyway momma?? What are you doing momma?  Oh no that is not my favourite PINK fluffy Easter band….yikes what are you trying to do??? 2009-january-1103                   Its not even easter and I can’t wear that silly PINK thing…  I’ve seen Madeline put that thing on momma’s head and she doesn’t look like a Fairy Princess!        2009-january-101       

Maybe if I close my eyes and look disgusted my momma will understand…2009-january-106         

I’m not going to sit pretty with this thing around my neck….I’ll just lie here and play dead…




              2009-january-1082                     Why is she whistling at me and telling me I’m such a pretty little girl?   There isn’t anything pretty about this.  I’m not going to even look up I don’t want anyone to recognize me…                  2009-january-112                                   Oh this is humiliating if you ask me….                                                                                        

   All for the sake of PINK Saturday and ladies leaving comments! hmph!!!  Now isn’t this a much nicer picture momma just pretty me sitting looking at this pretty PINK bow? 2009-january-1031                Silly Abby she was determined not to let me take a picture of her with that band on her head and I thought she looked adorable!  Be sure to check out the other lovely pinkess participants….and have a lovely day.   Judi xoxo


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17 responses to “Pink Saturday

  1. lol What did you do BA (before Abby)? Happy Pink Saturday.

  2. Judi, this has me laughing aloud. She must wonder about you. 😉 But, tell her we all think she looks beautiful.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. gbloom studio

    What a Great post! She looks so thrilled! Thanks for the laugh! Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Oh Abby is so pretty…I am cracking up with the headband. My Tangie wouldn’t even sit and let me try to put something like that on her. The bow is just perfect since she is a beautiful gift for you!

  5. Your cat is so pretty…I cannot believe how these animals just sit still for all of this pet dressing up…cracks me up!!

  6. I did get a glimpse of how adorable she was. (Though Abby thought it humiliating!!) In the name of pinkness she should have just smiled and gotten it over with LOL!!!

    I was just out doing errands this morning and noticed all of the Easter stuff out. We still haven’t hit Valentine’s Day or Saint Patrick’s day. I was tempted to look, but chose to walk away. LOL!

    take care,

  7. What a sweet kittie to sit for all of this pinkness! LOL! Tell her I agree with her that she looks very beautiful with or without a headband, but especially in front of a huge pink bow!!!

  8. Love the pink. How cute! Enjoy your day.

  9. What a gorgeous fluffy kitty cat! Im laughing at her thinking that she doesn’t want anyone to recognize her, so she’s keeping her head down! lol What a cutie…she is pretty in pink, no doubt about it, even if she is a bit reluctant to dress up! 🙂

  10. Pink is definitely Abby’s color. She is beautiful. Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  11. This is a cute post! Abby is so pretty in pink!

  12. Sorry I’m so late in posting my comments…work has taken me on a few travels as of late…but now that I am able, I certainly wanted to “visit”.

    Our cottage, The Painted Nest is not abundant in PINK (gasp, I know, LOL) nonetheless the fun continues, as I participated in this past Sat. Pink Posting… 🙂

    Happy to be here today! And to see your cutie pie! LOL ok, did she get special treats after this! She was/is a star now!

  13. Hello Judi, your Abby has a mind of her own. She was not happy but she looked so cute. LOL She was much happier looking at that Pink bow. Good thing you didn’t try to put it on her head.


  14. Hahahahahaha!!!!

    Dressing a cat in a headband is similar to giving one a bath. Did she draw blood? (smile)

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    All the best, Lana

  15. Hello Judi, thanks a bunch for dropping by for a visit. Maybe by summer I can get going on that “dream” room. :0)

    That pink headband would look cute on my Miss Morgan..I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate either!

    Have a grand PINK week,
    Queen of Dreamsz

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