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2009-january-091If you hear some spitting (the kind of spitting sound when someone is angry) and you don’t “see” me, it probably is me you are hearing!!    I’ll be sitting right here where I sit with my laptop when I blog… but I’ll be hissing…. 

A month ago my phone made staticy sounds periodically….mostly when I was talking to Marc.  Sometimes it was fine and other times not!  It was at that time I noticed that I was having internet problems.  It was taking forever to post comments when I was blogging, and  travelling around online was soooo sloooow like molasses and whew it was torture.  Now you probably all have wireless and none of you are on dial-up.  I am on dial-up because the College where I work gives us free dial-up.   On the most part I do great on it. 

When I realized the problem wasn’t going away or getting better I called the telephone company and made an appointment for them to come and fix the problem.  Thats a $98. call and whatever else they needed to do.  Anyway a couple of days before they were to come everything got better on its own.  That darn static disappeared and things were back to normal with my computer as well. 

Now, a month later its back.  That static started again a couple of days ago on my phone (and its all the phones).   I have been having a horrible time trying to visit anyone last night or today.  Most of the time although I’m connected it can’t find anything.. :o(   or anyone  :o( . 

I just happened to be able to get into WordPress this evening but its very sloooowwww trying to open up to comment.  I mean it can take OVER 10 minutes just to try to get someplace.  Soooo I will have to call the telephone company again.   So if you don’t see me around thats why…..and I am not happy… I’m hissing…   

Sometimes I stay in for lunch and visit my dear blogging friends I  may see you anyway…  hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend… Judi xoxo


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