Back to Blogging Problems and Brrrrrr..

So seems I need to call the phone company this morning as soon as I get one more minute here.  As on the weekend I’m having problems and therefore can’t blog from home.  I’m just at break at work and thought I’d peek in and “hel-lo”.

My it has been chilly lately…brrrrrr…   Last week we had temps of -21C and I’m not so sure what that is in F.  This week its continuing to be 1F everyday.  Its been very bright and sunny and CRISP!  Tomorrow its going to go up to 32F and then back to 1F the next day.  How crazy is that?  Almost like 2 seasons in 2 days.

Well no pics to post from here just a weather report.  *lol*.

Keep warm for those having winter and enjoy the warmth if you are in it!

See you when and as I can.    Have a lovely day …. Judi xoxo


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3 responses to “Back to Blogging Problems and Brrrrrr..

  1. It does sound like you need to get someone out to fix your computer problem. Brrrrrr I can’t even imagine weather like you have. If it is just freezing here we all think we can’t get warm!

  2. Oh my! -21º I don’t know HOW you take it! Stay warm.

  3. Hope you stay warm and cozy!

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