“English”…”Service”… “Phone Number”… etc… etc…


I’m posting again about the problem with my cracky phone  that affects my computer.   I had a weekend without visiting my dear blogging friends.   That was so yucky except its amazing how much I got done around here.  A month ago a similar problem cleared up after I booked a service appointment.   So I cancelled.  Wonder what got done around here that time?

Do you not hate calling companies  and having to explain to an automated “person”?  I do.  “English”… “Service”… “phone number”…”Home Telephone”…”No” etc…etc….  Once I got to a real person I gave my name, address, postal code, my name again and my password.   I was going to have to take 1/2 day off work because they  had no evening appointments in the near future in my area.  I said I’d call back.  That appointment was going to cost me $90.00 plus $55.00 for the second jack. Yuck!

I booked a 1/2 day off work and called them back.. “English”… “Service”… “Phone number” etc. ..etc… until I reached a live person confirmed my name, address, city, postal code etc. again.  I  was told they DID have evening appointments in my area and so I quickly booked for tonight.  AND I was told I could purchase a $99.00 one year service package that would cover this and further repairs and the second jack.   So I booked and purchased the package.   WHAT a nice lady that one was.

Then my son Geoff called me later in the afternoon.  I told him about my phone problem.   The darling son that he is told me HE could fix it and that he had wired his phone in his own basement.  He would do it this weekend.  Cancel and save the maintenance fee he said.  Ok  I said.    “English”… “Service”…. “Phone Number”…  etc…  etc. .. a real person answered and half way through confirming my name, address, password etc. we were cut off.   I rolled my eyes…I sighed…I redialed the number.  “English”…. “Service”… “Phone Number”..etc..etc. and finally after confirming my phone number, address etc.  I was able to cancel just before closing!  Whew!  

AND magically I have no static on my phone again.  Strange eh?  The phone company said they’d be checking the line from outside first and would contact me if that was the problem.  Perhaps it was…again.   Let’s see.


I am sharing a pretty picture taken in November  …one of the first snows…. have a lovely day…  Judi xoxox


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6 responses to ““English”…”Service”… “Phone Number”… etc… etc…

  1. The phone phenomenon is something else…a big pain in the you know what!!! I know what you mean about all you can get done when you are not online! In my case, I always convince myself I don’t want to do any of it anyway!!! LOLOL. The photo surely looks frigid! YIKES!

  2. I went through a similar problem this past weekend. The problem with mine WAS outside. I hope yours begins working smoothly soon.

  3. I absolutely HATE those automated things where you can’t get to a real person! I hope your phone is fixed. The last problem with my phone line was from the outside…they never had to come into my home.

    I have to admit though I do get a lot more done when I can manage to stay off the computer! But I LOVE visiting everyone.

  4. Judi, it drives me nearly wild to sit online and wait for those computer instructions. Give me a real person, please! I’m glad you are static free and hope you remain that way. It sure helps to have a clever son like yours! 🙂


    Sheila… who thinks that snow looks brrrrrrrrrrrrr cold, but oh so pretty!

  5. Thank you for visiting me. My grandma Pearl was Finnish. So was my grandfather. Both of them were born in the United States, but their parents were born in Finland. I thought maybe Helmi was Pearl in Finnish, but I was not sure. I did not learn the Finnish language, but my grandmother’s younger sister(my godmother)did. And she married a man who also knew Finnish. My other half is Swedish from my father’s side. For more Helmi antics, check my craft blog. I am glad you got your phone working again.

  6. Sooo frustrating Judi, I’ve had to spend a lot of time on the phone with various service people lately and it makes me craaaazy!

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