Tassled Too…

I have seen some lovely handmade tassles while visiting blogs recently.  I loved them and knew immediately I had to join in.   I picked up some supplies at Michaels and Fabricland and the Dollar Store a couple days ago and have been bursting at the seams  knowing I wouldn’t have a chance to start until tonight.   It was so fun and I can see how people can become addicted.  Isn’t this a cute bird tassle?                                                                  














He hangs momentarily on my kitchen cupboard…




















I’m sure I’ll have a few more of these around…pretty.   Have a lovely evening…  Judi xoxo


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21 responses to “Tassled Too…

  1. Very Cute Judi! You done well. I’ve been out of blogland a little bit and want to jump back in. I hope all is well with you!
    Take care

  2. This turned out great Judi–keep ’em comin!

  3. Aren’t they fun?!? You will be addicted now like the rest of us that have tried them!♥

  4. That’s a cute project! A neat way to pass these llooonngg cold winter nights. ~ Robyn

  5. Oh, Judi! This is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job! Now I want to make tassels! How did you get the little eye ring into the bird? Did it just screw in?
    Inquiring minds want to know! 😉
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  6. Bo

    Wow, if this darling little bird is your first one, you caught onto making these mighty quickly! Sweet!!
    😉 Bo

  7. Marilyn

    Hi Judi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love these tassels. They are absolutely adorable! Have you seen the ones on Decorating Cents on HGTV? They were on the trash to treasures segment. Made with old salt and pepper shakers.

    • Hi Marilyn
      No I didn’t see them. Maybe I can find them online. Thank you for letting me know. I know there must be so many different ideas.
      come back again and give me your blog address again so I can be sure to be by

  8. Thank you Judi for answering my question! I love your tassel. You’re tempting me to try my hand at it!
    Thanks for the visit today.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

  9. Judi, you can do a search for those shaker tassels. I’ve done it before at HGTV. Left my address this time.

  10. Hi!
    Love your bird tassel!!!! That is so Cute!!! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!!


  11. Judi, Your bird is adorable. I can’t believe you whipped that together so quickly. You are a crafty person girl.

    Thank you for your visit to my post and for your sweet comment. Have a wonderful weekend.


  12. You did a great job on the tassel. I don’t know if I have eaten much in the way of Finnish foods. But one year I made this Finnish cookie recipe called Pinwheels. They were so much work, I never made them again. Interestingly my son’s wife also has some Finnish in her from her father’s mother’s side. I believe that grandmother is all Finnish. I will have to ask again. So that means my granddaughter has some Finnish from both parents along with everything else she is. I have a craft blog too in case you were not aware of that.

  13. Judi, your bird tassle is lovely. Great job.

  14. how cute are these!!! you did a great job

  15. You know, a friend and I both bought some really cute animal salt shakers and the tassel supplies to make some and I, for the life of me, have no idea where these supplies went!!! LOL…it has been probably 4 years now. I wonder if they are under my bed. I will look around…LOLOL…I want to make mine now! You can spend hours and hours looking at adorable salt and pepper shakers on EBAY, just to let you know!!!

    Your bird here is outstanding! I would love to make one like this…so full at the bottom, and just perfect!

  16. Oh my gosh! This is beautiful. You did an awesome job on this goregous tassel!
    Patricia :o)

  17. Oh my goodness- my mother would love that bird more than anything in the world. I will have to show her a picture.

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