Blue Monday

Blue Monday Instructions

Its BLUE Monday and it is.  Back to work and its BLUE Monday hosted by Sally from SmilingSally.  Be sure to click on Sally’s blog for more BLUE Monday participants.  Grab your coffee and enjoy…

Walking out my door and building this is the lovely view I get…pretty white snow the trees and BLUE skies.   2009-january-0091









When its dark and I walk past that spot in the dead of winter I feel like I’m all alone.  Everything is so quiet and still  and then I hear it.  A “quack, quack, quack, quack” coming from somewhere near in that darkness.   It makes me smile.  I guess they know I’m there… and now I’ve captured them to show you.  2009-january-006









Can you see them all down below the banks in the woods?  There are so many ducks down there in the BLUE water …lots of them and its winter!    They are a bit hard to see in the picture but you can tell their little necks and heads I’m sure.  I was standing up on a snow bank almost knee deep in snow to take this picture and some of them squak quacked and moved to the left of the picture where we can’t see them.  Even though its very freezing cold around here the water in that area doesn’t freeze over because it has movement and the ducks hang out there swimming.  They do the same in the summer too.  How come they don’t freeze their little footies I wonder?  

Thats my BLUE Monday post.   I hope whether you have the cold of the snow or the warmth of the sand that  you are having a lovely day…. Judi xoxo



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23 responses to “Blue Monday

  1. You have a beautiful view when you walk out. I don’t know how the ducks keep from freezing in that cold, cold water….BRRRRR! We are supposed to get an ice storm tomorrow night…YUCK!

  2. Pat Jones

    Love the photographs. Would love to see all those ducks. Just amazing. Your blog is a wonder.
    Kindest regards,

  3. Candy

    Beautiful blue skies from all over the world today. Would be fun to experience the snow…we don’t get it here in Texas.
    HBM, Candy

  4. Our ducks will come toward us, begging for food. Believe me, there’s plenty of food in sunny South Florida, but because some neighbors feed them, the ducks would rather not work for their snacks. As a result, we have some mightly FAT ducks. Love your blue skies. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  5. Judi, a beautiful blue sky winter scene you shared. I quacked, I mean cracked up with your many ducks by the water. I thought ducks went south for the winter.
    Brrr I wonder what you wonder. BIG smile!


  6. It is too chilly to take much of a walk here in my neck of Ohio! (15º)

    Happy Blue Monday!

    • Hi Tammy
      I don’t know how those ducks do it. We are even colder here right now. We’re at -21C converted to -7F. brrrr…but it is so very sunny it feels better.
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Keep warmmmmm

  7. Blue skies! Our skies have been gray for days! Love the ducks on the pond!

  8. Judi,
    You have such a beautiful view. The pictures you snapped are just wonderful and I chuckled at all those ducks! Now I want to know why their feet don’t freeze, lol!
    I hope your day is great!

  9. Bo

    No prettier blue than blue skies! 😉 Bo

  10. Ellen

    Hi Judi!
    There’s is such beauty in seeing the snow against blue skies. Beautiful photos! I do see those ducks or what I think are ducks in that second photo. Have a great week and hope you have lots of warm cozy moments…

  11. Judi, loved this post. Ducks are so cute! That’s interesting that they all hang out in that one spot. Glad you caught it for us on film!

    Happy Blue Monday…


    Sheila 🙂

  12. Beautiful blue sky and blue water… love the ducks. So glad you visited my blog so I could come and read your Blue Monday post! as well as old posts!!!!

  13. CC

    Lovely blue sky that you captured..and I love little ducks. I wonder too, how come little feets don’t just freeze? Ours sure would. :). Happy Blue Monday and hope you have a lovely week.

  14. Wow, look at all that snow. My children would love to feed those ducks.

  15. What a lovely picture. Gee, if I were a duck I’d be freezing!!! How nice of them to stick around so you could get the picture. ☺ The blue sky and the snow complement each other so well.

    take care,

  16. What great pictures! Happy Blue Monday!

  17. Jan

    Hi Judi,

    As long as you have a USA address, you can play!!! Just remember to do all the things required (they’re on the list in my post).


  18. Tootsie

    those photos are so pretty….you are lucky to have this view!

  19. Wow! You’re so lucky to have all these fine feathered friends. I’m sure it was cold standing knee deep in the snow, but that you for the great picture you got.
    Patricia :o)

    PS: I’ve often wondered how ducks and other birds don’t freeze their feet in the winter.

  20. Judi, you have such a nice view–I really like your pictures. Ducks don’t seem to mind cold water, but I sure would!

  21. How wonderful to see a blue sky. It is very gray here. I would love to see the ducks swimming surrounded by snow. Happy Blue Monday!

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