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Thrift Dishes

Tonight my eldest son Geoff and his wife and my little Madeline are coming over for dinner!  We’re having crusted tenderloin, twice baked potatoes, green beans, peas and pearl onions in white sauce,  and a salad filled with veggies.  I’ve saved some of the Tipsy Chocolate Cake I made on Saturday for our dessert.  I think it’ll be yummy.

I am going to give them these Wedgewood Group Stoneware dishes I picked up while thrifting this fall with the intension of giving it to them.    I believe they were $14.00 .  Included were 8 like new dinner plates, cups and a large veggie serving bowl.  2009-january-0211









This is the underside.  They are oven to tableware made by Wedgewood Group in England.  Nice aren’t they? 












This is a better look at the plate which suits their decor.   They have glasses that will look perfect with the plates as well.   The moment I saw them I had them on my mind and I had to get them.  I have had them in a box ready to give to them so its about time I do!   I  hope they like them too.2009-january-0161   Boy I love a good deal on something so worth it!









Hope you have a lovely day…  Judi xoxo


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