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Cat Paint Jobs


These pictures were forwarded to me  through emails and I wanted to share them with you especially the cat lovers…and the artists. 

Apparently these paint jobs can cost $15,000 each and they grow out of the colour in 3 months and some people spend $60,000. a year.  Can you imagine even having that kind of money to paint your cat?  They must be show cats.

They are really something.  How could you get your cat to sit still this long?

This kitty is striking in its red, white and blues.  Would he feel silly or would he feel fabulous…surely he would get some reaction from the response around him.   



 image0101Love this one….


















Imagine having the same hair colour as your cat?  What colour would you and your cat share?image017















Hey is that Charlie???














Camouflage with the goldfish…    



















I should have saved this one for Blue Monday…















 Don’t you love his mouth?  How would you feel if you came across this in your yard on a dark evening…..


















 I think this kitty was one of the original cast in “Kats”….



















Mommy’s little kitty.   Doesn’t she have a lovely face?  I think it can only be a “she”….image015



















When I saw these I couldn’t believe it.  You never know what you’ll see next….have a lovely day.  Judi xoxo


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