Duck Facts

 I posted this week about the ducks swimming in the cold water surrounded by ice and snow around my place. I decided to look up some facts about ducks and…here they are. By the way apparently ducks have a system with their arteries so that warm blood flows from their heart and interweaves with the cold blood that is coming from their feet warming the blood. Therefore it keeps their feet and legs warm.

A girl duck makes a loud quack sound while the boy duck, or drake has a raspy, muffled call. 

Touching a duckling doesn’t prevent the mother duck from taking care of it. It is however best to leave ducklings alone so as not to scare the Mom duck away or accidentally injure them. 
Ducks sleep with half their brains awake. Ducks are more likely to sleep with one eye open when they are located on the edge of sleeping groups. They can detect predators in less than a second.

Duck eggshells have tiny holes (pores) that allow it to breathe. A hen’s eggs can have 7500 pores, most found at the blunt end of the egg. Respiratory gases as well as water vapor travel through these pores allowing the egg to breathe.

 Ducks can live 20 or more years with good care and feeding. Apparently the world’s record is held by a Mallard Drake that lives 37 years. Now thats a long time!

  Baby ducks are precocial, meaning they are born with their eyes wide open, with a warm layer of down, and are not fully dependant on their parents for food.   Ducklings are ready to leave the nest within hours of hatching.

 A clutch is the total number of eggs laid by one bird during one nesting session. Clutch size affected by hereditary and environmental factors.   When food is abundant, birds lay more eggs.

  A brood is the total number of hatchlings, or ducklings in a clutch.

 Ducks have very good vision, and they can even see in colour.

 Did you know that a duck’s quack doesn’t echo? Nobody knows why.

I hope you’ve found these facts interesting… and that you have a lovely day.   Judi xoxo


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12 responses to “Duck Facts

  1. Our apartment is on a “lake” and the geese come and stay on our lake for the winter. I always feel bad for them, sleeping on the ice. Thanks for posting about ducks- I’ll bet some of it applies to geese as well.

  2. I can add yet another fact. Ducks poop all over your yard, your driveway, and it’s watery, green, stinky stuff. People should NOT feed ducks. God provides plenty for them.

    BTW: I live on a lake with ducks, and I have a neighbor who feeds them! I posted on it.

  3. Those were REALLY interesting facts! Thanks for the duck lesson!

  4. That was very interesting! Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. ♥ Kathy

  5. Those are some fascinating facts! 🙂



  6. Judi, I loved your duck info. It was a fun read. I have always wondered how ducks survive really cold weather. I wonder what baby ducks eat? smile.

    Yes, I do wear an apron often but not everyday. It depends on what I am wearing and how messy my cooking is. My mom always wore an apron.

    I do adore my sisters and we are so close. Four of us live here in Franklin,NC and one lives in Atlanta only 2 &1/2 hours away. she visits often. I have a brother that lives about three hours away and it’s sad that we don’t see him very often. He is a wonderful guy and we all adore him and his family.

    I didn’t mean to go on.


  7. Judi this is great information. I didn’t know most of this stuff. Thanks for taking time to look it up and share it with us. I look forward to spring here in NC where I can go to the park and see lots of duckings!

  8. Interesting facts here. I had gotten behind reading your posts. Fun to catch up here. About the pulla Finnish coffee bread, I have never had that. Also the pinwheels, I think the recipe I used had dates in it. But I don’t remember for sure. Been too long since I never made them again. :-} Anyway, is that Finnish coffee bread the kind that pulls apart easily? Sounds like it would be fun to eat.

    • Hi Linnea
      If you check my post on August 3, 2007 “A Glutten For Punishment” you will see some pics I took making Pulla.
      Its nice to have you visit again.
      Have a great weekend.

  9. Judi, that post was “Just Ducky”. OMG, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t stop from fingers from typing that!!! 🙂

    Honestly, those were great facts—I didn’t know any of them. I feel a little smarter thanks to YOU!

    Have a great weekend! Dana

  10. Bo

    This was interesting…I was horrified to see a gander (male) duck swallowing a baby duckling once…;-) Bo

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