Blue Monday – Thrifting

Blue Monday Instructions

Today is Blue Monday hosted by Sally of SmilingSally.  Visit all the participating bloggers for more lovely BLUE for your day.  Be sure to leave a comment so everyone knows you’ve been there!

I have never been a BLUE person.  I can comfortably wear only navy blue or a certain pale blue.    I’m a green, buttery yellow, raspberry, bricky red kind of gal.  Love blue when I see it but under no circumstance could I do it in my home…or can I?   I am loving cake plates and gave one to my DIL for Christmas to my younger son’s girlfriend for her b’day in January.  But I don’t have one…yet.  So yesterday I was on a mission when I headed for the thrift store.

Then.. I spotted this one in absolute perfect condition for $2.99.  See all the pale BLUE in it…and the touch of green and touch of pink and silver rim? 2009-january-002 









Then I saw the matching BLUE bread/cake plates under $1.00 each.  There were 8 of them…2009-january-005to serve up the cake…BLUE…









Then I could not resist the matching BLUE  covered casserole $3.99.   None of these pieces showed wear…











I tried to avoid the matching 2 piece BLUE gravy boat… $2.99.  But couldn’t.



Unfortunately there were only 5 dinner plates and 3 were chipped so I left them all there.   I also found 5 little dessert nappies  but didn’t take them. (should I go back?).

As I walked around a couple who must have seen me picking my treasures came to tell me there was a matching teapot and 8 cups and saucers around the other side.  Thanks??….. 

 The teapot was $3.99 and I also picked up the matching platter it was only $2.99 .  How could I possibly resist them?    They are in excellent condition and only a few pieces have a very minute wear on the silver.   I can’t believe I brought home something BLUE, really you can’t imagine.   Its only because I’ve been blogging and admiring so many different BLUE items including a new love for china that I was able to bring these BLUE pieces home….and so far…they feel right at home.   I’ll have to mix and match them with my white dinner plates.    They are called Somerset by Excel.2009-january-0171









Blogging is certainly having quite an effect on me… you too?   Have a lovely BLUE Monday..  Judi xoxo


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26 responses to “Blue Monday – Thrifting

  1. Judi – So pretty! Such a delicate pattern and so many pieces. What a good day for you! Happy Blue Monday! ~ Robyn

  2. Wow what great finds! And really pretty! Happy Blue Monday! Susan

  3. I agree it’s a beautiful pattern 🙂 I have a soft spot for pretty dishes. And it’s so wonderful you found almost the whole set!

  4. Wow Judi you hit the mother load girl !

  5. You did really well on these bargains, and the blue isn’t overwhelming, nice and soft.

  6. Oh…how exciting! I love when I find such amazing treasures in thrift stores!!! They look like they will be a perfect fit in your house! Will be well loved!!! Are tea and crumpets on the menu for today on Groundhog Day? You could make it a celebration! Tee, hee, hee!
    Have a happy Blue Monday, Judi!

  7. How come I never find goodies like these? Oh, because I don’t shop very often!

    These are particularly pretty because it’s just a touch of soft blue. I love them all. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday!

  8. I’m not really a blue person either, but I do appreciate the beauty in it…you dishes are very pretty!

  9. WOW you got a fantastic bargain on all that! It sounds like a great buy to me and it is all beautiful!

  10. Wow, Judi! Great finds! These are so pretty and perfect for a tea party! You could always go back and get the plates that aren’t chipped and make some sort of serving pieces, similar to your cake plate out of them. Several people have made things like this on the blogs by putting bowls or candlesticks under them. There is a special type of glue you use. I think maybe Jeanne and Diane have made them. But you might want to get the ones that aren’t broken. AND, you could do some sort of mosaic with the ones that are. Just a thought… Enjoy your dishes!

    Happy Blue Monday…


    Sheila 🙂

  11. Judi~ Your BLUE is lovely!
    Thanks so much for stopping by…will enjoy spending time reading your blogs…first few were wonderful!
    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  12. Bo

    I need another dish like another hole in my head, but I would have bought everyone of those pretty pieces…what a bargain! 😉 Bo

  13. Oh my gosh. What a deal and so pretty too. Happy Blue Monday!

  14. Judi, I’m back. If you find that glue, it’s a piece of cake. It holds, too. I’ll try and see if I can remember which blogs had it. I might email Rhoda, and see if she knows… but I think it was someone on Blue Monday that did it. It seems like someone did one for Christmas.



    • Hi Sheila
      I would really appreciate finding out about that glue…and if you can recall who did what with it around Christmas let me know! I’d love to get ideas by looking at something someone has already done.
      Thank you sooo much!

  15. Gracious! you hit a motherload! Good find! Happy Blue Monday!

  16. These pieces are beautiful. Great finds, all!

  17. I am envious. The cake plate and tea pot are my very favorites. Each purchase is lovely. Happy Blue Monday!

  18. Oh my goodness-what a deal! I love the pedestal cake plate. When I glanced at the first picture, I thought it was the same pattern I blogged about a couple Blue Mondays ago
    but it’s not.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  19. Kathy B

    Hey Judi
    I love your blog theme, same as mine. It’s always fun to see what others do with it.
    Great thrifting! The dishes were a great find!

  20. Oh, how exciting to find so many pieces in one stop. You will have to post a photo of your new finds in use!

  21. lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart)

    Hi sweetie, thanks for swinging by the shop. I’m glad you enjoyed the peak into “some” of the spring merchandise. Hope you return again soon.
    I always love when folks visit. 🙂 Your blue treasures are just the best.. Perfect for a “great” tablescape.. Have a super evening.hugs ~lynne~

  22. Hi Judi,
    You won my giveaway of the pink garden tools! Please send me your address. I tried to find your email, and am overlooking it I guess.

  23. Wow! You got some great finds there! Hope you had a Happy Blue Monday!

  24. Judi, very nice finds–even if you aren’t a “blue” person I think you’ll find some good ways to use these pretty pieces. You just never know what neat things you’ll find next in the “thrifties” as my mom calls them!

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