A Bit About Me…Blossoms in My Life…Judicreations

Me and My Sons

I am a 50 plus mother of 2 wonderful grown sons and one of them has given me a lovely 4 year old granddaughter.  She is a very happy little girl with the sweetest sense of humour,  good manners and just a joy.  I am truly blessed. 

I also have my love bunny.  He and I are divided by a large lake with Ontario on the one side and the United States on the other.  We make the drive to see each other every weekend alternating with one doing the bulk of the drive in the summer and the other in the winter.  We have been doing this for years.   In between during the day we are connected by email and telephone.  We are connected in a different way and I believe are closer than some couples who are together all the time. 

I can’t remember a time I wasn’t interested in crafting and am mostly self taught  and seek advice when I need to.  Pictures, books my friends both online and off people inspire me.  There is soooo much out there for inspiring.

I make handmade soaps and bath products with which I started my home-based business.   I create with fabrics taking on sewing of clothes, bags and totes, quilting, decorating my home.    I dabble at folk art painting, crocheting, knitting, beaded jewellery making and whatever else comes along that looks intriging and a new challenge.

I love to bake and cook and not always just a necessity but when I try something very yummy or see something devine in a magazine I have to give it a try myself.   Some of my best friends are my guinea pigs. They often have to sample new things…I am brave to do that…they are braver.

I enjoy the gym, reading, browsing through an abundance of magazines (that are taking over my home), beautiful homes, pretty things, vintage items, good health, love and inspirations. 

Thank you for visiting one of my life’s blossoms…….


4 responses to “A Bit About Me…Blossoms in My Life…Judicreations

  1. love your creations Judi,
    I find it funny that i was just browsing to learn how to add my pics of MY jewelry and i found you had a pic of Lake Ontario. How bizzare, i was born in Toronto! still have family there. anyway i was on here to create a “photostream” although they didn’t all show up enlarged even for yours.unless i did so manually. If there is any help you can give me… please do. YOur photos are great so are your wares, love the details. Monica (Canadian too)

  2. Hi Monica
    Thank you. It was so nice to meet a fellow Canadian on here!
    I have to think about what problems you are or were having at the time you wrote here. I checked out your site and love the dragonflies…I see you are under construction.
    I’ll be sure to check it out further. Are your photostream pics on flickr? In which case I think they just come up small.
    How are you doing with it now?

  3. Hi Judi,

    Thanks for stopping by. I noticed that you had the Mennonite Girls Can Cook on you side bar.
    You can find the Nuts & Bolts Recipe on their link.

    I double the batch and have made about three batches and give them as gifts.
    Nice to meet another Canadian

  4. Good morning! How lovely to start the day reading about your lovely family!

    You had asked about my felted bags — it is truly fun! The fuchsia roses bag was a pattern I found on someone’s blog. I’ve been trying to find it again without success — I didn’t print it out since it’s a quick and easy back. I’ll keep looking and send you a link when I find it.

    One of the BEST patterns you can find to start out felting is one by Carolyn Christmas. You can order her pattern from her website, carolynchristmas.com — but be careful, because she has lots of goodies to tempt you!! I’ve made a number of her crocheted garments, too, and they’re beautiful. But if you want to start felting, grab her felted bag with flowers pattern. It’s clear and simple with lots of good info, and you will soon be addicted like the rest of us! She also has a felted entrelac bag pattern if you like to do entrelac.

    Happy hooking!! Ronda

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