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Bunny Canvas Bag

Have I told you I love bunnies?  Someone refers to me as his bunny :o) … and I collect bunnies.  I also really love Fitz and Floyd pieces and salt and pepper shakers , so therefore I have a small collection (so far) of Fitz and Floyd bunny salt and pepper shakers!  whew!  I’ll share them with you soon…

 That leads me to this post because I sewed a bag with my favourite bunny.   I drew the bunny on a pretty brick pink and white check print, sewed him on canvas did a little hand embroidery, attached my favourite colour,  a bricky red synthetic suede to the trim, green lining and voila…a new bag.


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Amy Butler and Canvas Bag

New Canvas Bag

I used 2 lovely, co-ordinating, paisley Amy Butler fabrics and combined that with canvas for a new bag.  It has a pocket running along the front and back and pinned down with a covered button.    Exterior Pocket and Covered Button  Although the canvas holds its shape nicely I did use some heavier fleece interfacing as well.  I’m pleased with the look.  It may find its way to my shop.

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Geisha Girl Bag/Tote

When I purchased this Michael Miller’s fabric with the gorgeous geisha girl I wasn’t sure how I would use it, but I had to have it because of her lovely face and the vibrant colours.   I’m so pleased at the result of the bag I have sewn this week.  The panel itself is large but I’m happy I was able to incorporate this much of it within the size of the bag/tote.  I have hand embroidered beads to her lovely hair and clothing.  If you are interested in a geisha tote like this one convo me at PinkDaisies. I have one panel left.


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Springy Stripes and Flower Purse – Amy Butler Fabrics


I used different lovely Amy Butler fabrics for the exterior of the purse and a coordinating yellow/white pattern cotton for the lining.  It keeps its form nicely because the interfacing is a medium weight fleece.  A handmade felt flower pin sits pretty on the purse or it can be removed and worn to bring together the look.  It is another purse I designed and sewed.  Spring IS coming and what a great way to feel feminine.  This pretty piece is available in my shop. Felt Flower Pin

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Sewing Again Finally

The Retro Bag   The Retro Bag

It has been busy with Son #2 coming back from B.C.  and busy weekends that this weekend I’m home and actually had some time to sew.  I sat down and sketched a design and then went right at it.   The main fabric has a delightful chocolate brown, aqua (which go soooo nice together) and green colours.     The bottom is narrow but wide and is Robert Kaufman’s Polka Dot Brown, Aqua.  There is a little flap with a snap to close it at the top.  I really am pleased with it.  It will likely go into my etsy shop.

The interior is a mottled green with a pocket in the exterior fabric.        Inside of bag         

To the outside pocket I have appliqued butterflies from the print and beaded antennas. Close up of outside pocket

The Floral BagThis is the Floral Bag I made last week. It is another all judicreations in that I designed it.  I added some little pleats to the top rim at the front and back.   It is made of an upholstery type fabric in florals of rosey red flowers, greens and the background is a cream colour.  The sides and interior are white. 

There is a little matching pocket inside great for a cellphone.   Interior of bag

When I designed the bag I wanted the sides to take on part of the front and back of the bag in size.   There’s a little snap with a button on the outside to keep the bag closed.  It’ll go great with lots of different styles and colours.  I thought of adding some beadwork to the outside.  You may find it in my etsy store once I’ve decided.

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Felted Ditty Bag

The Felted Ditty Bag 

Isn’t this a beautiful bag?  It isn’t one I made but came on the site below.

I have so many projects on the go but finally last night I cut out a few items that I hope to sew tonight. 

But…in the meantime here is a Felted Ditty Bag pattern I found at that has some really nice free patterns.  I like the looks of this bag which is “hold all bag” that sailors would have to hold “this and that”.   This is one to start for those dark evenings coming up when snuggling by the TV….when away from the craft area!   If you try it I would love to receive pictures to post for variations. 

Another Ditty Bag pattern that makes up a nice basket to hold knitting and crocheting goodies by your lazy boy or wherever you choose to knit or crochet. Ditty Bag Basket


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WinniethePooh Recycled Bag

Winnie Golf Shirt BagHere is another bag I’ve made. I truly have become addicted to making bags. As I make one another idea comes to mind. With all these bags I’ve been making I couldn’t believe we were stuffing extra sweatshirts to take with us into grocery bags! I had a green garbage bag full of shirts and sweatshirts he had been clearing out of his closet that I was taking to the thrift shop…*s*. I recycled his WinniethePooh golf shirt and another fleece sweatshirt to make up this little bag.

Back of Winnie Golf Shirt Bag

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Another bag! Summerstripe Bag’n Tote

Summer Stripe Bag

I think I’ve caught the bug! I know I have caught the bug! The bag bug… I am wanting to spend my “spare”’ time (not to be confused with time made to spare because I’m not doing something I SHOULD be doing). I had fun with this one. The fabric is wonderful. Its MY bag this time. Next time I make it instead of using the cord to close it I’ll put on some kind of neat? Closure. It’s a bit tedious to knot the cord as a closure. I do like the look of the grommets though. It can look like a regular tote or you can close the middle and have the other look which I like. I’ll add that picture later. Fun! The next one will go to my Etsy Shop.

The tote look……making the tote a bag…tie up and then you have the bag look..

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A New Beach Bag/Tote

Blue Tote/Bag

After my 3 hour drive back home from Waterport today I was just dying to do some crafting. Even though it was Victoria Weekend I guess I left early enough before everyone else hit the roads so the traffic was good. That must be why I had time to think of what I would do when I got home. Anyway. Its another Beach Bag/Tote.

I call it a beach bag because the lining is waterproof like the first one I made and that is on sale in my Etsy store. You could actually use it for doing the “tourist thing” or when you are going shopping around home too. Pack a picnic in it….put in baby’s goodies when you are going out someplace…hmmmm…you can use it for so many different reasons.

Blue flowered Beach Bag/Tote or whatever you want to use it for

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