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Sally’s Blue Monday…a day for showing and talking about BLUE.

Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday but first let me say –

hi everyone!  *big smiles*.  After a weekend of not being able to blog or get anywhere online I was so excited to try again on Sunday evening and Voila I’m here!   I was able to do some visiting last night.  We’ll see how it continues.

Now you can’t imagine how much of my “spring” cleaning I was able to continue this weekend because I wasn’t blogging… Lots!  So there was good and there was bad in not being able to visit all my wonderful blogging  friends.  When I put it that way it was awful!

Blue Monday Instructions

Today is BLUE Monday hosted by Sally from Smiling Sally.  There are all kinds and shades of lovely blueness for you to see so be sure to click to her site and visit all the other participants.  Be sure to leave a comment so everyone knows you’ve been there…and they love to read your comments too.

I wanted to show you another little guy from my little critters collection.  critters-019  Isn’t he the cutest little conductor you’ve ever seen!  He is wearing his BLUE conductor hat and his cute BLUE jacket.  He’s all set to go with his gray and green bags.  He’s bearly bearly cute I think!

critters-020 This is the little backside of him.







Enjoy all the rest of the Blueness for today.  Have a lovely day!  …. Judi xoxo


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BLUE Monday & Another Giveaway!!

Blue Monday Instructions

Funny how you can determine the day by its colour on blogland…today being BLUE Monday hosted by Sally from SmilingSally.  Thank you Sally!!  Be sure to click on her blog name to take you to her site where you can see all the other Blue Monday participants.  You’ll see and read about all kinds of lovely BLUE.

Today I am going to share with you my little Cherished Bunnies.  I have a little bunny collection.  I even have a BIG bunny who I call my Love Bunny too!  But these are my little bunnies. 


Aren’t these little girlfriend bunnies cute wearing a lovely BLUE dress, cuddling their cherished little baby bunnies?  I love the little bonnet with the blue dots that remind me of icing on a wedding cake.


This little BLUE dressed bunny is getting ready to make some pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving I think.  I’ll share some more another day.  I hope you’ve liked looking at my BLUE Monday bunnies.  Be sure to head over to Sally’s. 

Another Giveaway to my Blogging Friends…  ((Julie 991)

I had a Giveaway recently for my BIG 200th post!  Where had the words gone…where had they come from?  What inspired them I wondered?  It didn’t take me a minute to figure out it was because of my wonderful blogging friends…those Girls in My Circle.   That circle that grows as we venture further into each other’s blogs.  Without you and your lovely comments I would have thought I was just writing to myself!  So goodness THANK YOU leaving your comments!

In Celebration of your comments I got to thinking about something.  So I am having another giveaway and its going to happen when?  Might be today…only my readers will influence that.  Because this giveaway came so quickly I can only say that it no doubt will be some goodies I’ve made.    So ladies this is a very quick giveaway.   The winner will happen soon as I said.   IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE PLEASE LEAVE ME A MESSAGE WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS USING THE “AT” AND “DOT” so I can contact you.  Good Luck!

Have a lovely day.   Judi


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