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1000 Comment Giveaway Winner

I have the winner for the celebration of 1000 comments and another giveaway.  My last comment received was #991 last night.  Today I chose the first 9 comments (to add up to 1000 comments) of friends who wanted to participate and I’d asked those people to then leave their email addresses.  I was really confused because some people didn’t mention the giveaway… I guess they didn’t want to participate?  *sigh*.  Sooooo the 1st post of someone who wanted to participate was by Darlene and and the last and 9th post was from Dawn.


 I used the Random Generator and entered the numbers 1-9 and the number appeared….ta daaaaaaaaaaa #1!! Darlene from DarleneDays was the winner!  I was so pleased that Darlene won because she so diligently comes along and reads and leaves me comments.  In return I really enjoy visiting her blog mostly every day and share my comments.  She is a new mommy to a stray kitty and she’s likely too busy getting that kitty down her indoor Christmas tree, she may not even realize she is a winner.     

I’m sending some goodies I’ve made: a colourful striped tote bag, a yummy Sleigh Ride glycerin soap, a fizzing bath bomb, Lemon Blossom moisture lotion bar, and an Inspirational Key tag.  Then I’ve added a Christmas plate and a couple of Canadian Living magazines  (just love that magazine – so I like to share it).  I hope she’ll enjoy them.


I wish I could send something special to all my lovely blogging friends for you make my day and you make me feel happy…or sad….or scared…or whatever when I read your blogs.  As Dawn commented “after a while you almost forget that you have never met some of the ladies that you chat with every day”.  That is so true.  Thank you for visiting and thank you for your comments.     

 Have a lovely day.   Judi

(Darlene email me your address to judicreations(at)yahoo(dot)ca )


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