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Teapot Set Garden Party Ornament and Sewing Saturday

I have had a really fun day with me today.  It has been a beautiful sunny and hot Saturday and in between working on projects I’ve been out there galavanting  First I have finished the Geisha Girl Bag/Tote which is a possible custom order.  This is the 2nd one I’ve made and I’ve added some medium weight fleece interfacing.  This will help the bag stay upright better and not flop over. 

She is a pretty lady Michael Miller’s Geisha Girl.  

I initially did some beading before I started the sewing.    It hightlights the ornaments in her hair.  It is a pretty bag, I love the fabric and I’m pleased with the way it turned out.

After galavanting outside for a while I decided to tackle Glenda from tootsietime‘s  teapot set garden party ornament.  I posted about her tutorial last night and thought I might like to try it myself.   I gathered up the materials, drill in hand, literally closed my eyes waiting for the teapot to explode into millions of  pieces.  Guess what?  It didn’t.  This was such a fun project I am so going to be making more…drilling more teapots…teacups…  hide your Royal Daulton ladies cuz mama’s got her drill in hand!     Isn’t it adorable?

I’m not sure what I’ll do with this one but its almost too pretty to put outdoors.  I may take it across the lake next weekend and set it into my wheelbarrow of flowers.   I still have to seal the spout to keep the bugs and wasps out. 

The cup is large and I can put birdseed into it.  Don’t you think it would be so cute to have the little birdies sitting on the cup eating?  Thank you Glenda for a new project…have a look at her site and see her lovely flowers. 

Have a lovely evening.   I’m off to babysit Madeline for the evening…


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Child’s Vintage Pillowcase Dress … Vacation Thursday..

This is a better picture of the placement of my vintage “ladies in frame” I posted about earlier this week.

This is ANOTHER beautiful day on my vacation and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sitting outside sipping my morning coffee.   I absolutely LOVE my morning coffee…MORNING coffee then after that I’m set for the next 24 hours.  Sometimes, I go to bed just thinking of how I’ll love waking up in the morning anticipating that yummy coffee.  Crazy…or do you feel the same?   But just the morning one.  I like to have a cup of tea in the afternoon but neither coffee or tea past 7:00 p.m. because then  I know that even counting sheep won’t put me to sleep.

 I made the vintage pillowcase dress for Madeline last night from this week Tuesday’s thrifting finds.   I posted a tutorial a few days if you are interested on how simple it is to make.  

Doesn’t the hemlook look cute at the pillowcase edge     What a fun day I had yesterday I was able to work on different projects and do my own thing.  

My eldest son, his wife and Madeline are coming over tonight for dinner.  So I’ll have Madeline try it on.  I have enough material from the top of the pillowcase to make a similar dress for a doll I’ve made some time ago.  She needs a dress and then she can go home with Madeline.  We’re having fajitas so I’ve been doing up the peppers, onions, chicken, mushroom ahead of time.   It’ll be a short visit because she has soccer tonight so I’m going to be prepared so we can visit a while.  (If you check the post after this you’ll see Madeline modelling the vintage pillowcase dress-now I want to make more!)

On that note I had better get on with my preparations.   Have a lovely afternoon and delcious dinner too.


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Soapy Freebie Giveaway

Its been fun participating in some freebie giveaways on my favourite blog sites.  I decided I needed to do a giveaway too! 
Handcrafted Soaps
Handcrafted Soaps
Handcrafted Soaps

Handcrafted Soaps .

 What would I give away I thought…maybe some of my handcrafted soaps.  I’d share a piece with you.   This is a picture of some of my soaps.  I haven’t any on etsy for sale but do sell them outside etsy right now.

 Percy the Pig and Handcrafted Soaps This is my Percy the Pig Cookie Jar and Plate beside a basket of yummy soaps. 

My place smells soooo yummy when I’m in production with all those essential oils and fragrance oils.  My question to you is “what is your favourite scent of soap and why do you like that one?   Leave me your answer and I’ll put your name into a basket and draw a name….I may not have on hand a sample soap in your favourite fragrance but then I’ll send you one of my favourites!  I’ll draw a name next week Tuesday (because I’m away until Sunday)….the winner can email me their address and you’ll receive it.  Check back to see if you are the winner!  Good luck!


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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to all Canadians! 

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day today. 

Canada Day and American Flag

 Canadian and American Flags flying.

The neighbour at Marc’s puts up a Canadian Flag mostly when I come over to visit.  As I’m here for Canada Day and 4th of July they are both up. 

Canada Day Lunch

We celebrated Canada Day across on the other side of Lake Ontario today.  I was lucky in that my work gave us Monday and Tuesday off this year.  The extra day was given by our College President to acknowledge all that we do.  Nice eh?  It was a lovely day and it didn’t even rain for a change.   Marc and I set up a nice lunch for us.  It started out as sandwiches and chips but look at all the goodies we found in the fridge to make them sooooooooo yummy!  We had Brown’s Berry Patch apple raspberry pie for dessert too.    Did you have a good Canada Day?  Did you see fireworks?

Later in the day afternoon Marc went out for the evening to play golf with his Tuesday night league.  I took advantage of the time to try my hand at folk art painting again.  I hadn’t painted in about 13 years.  Last year I found this child’s chair at a garage sale when I was here   so

I cleaned it and hoped I would one day be able to paint on it.   So Marc went golfing this afternoon and I started painting.  When I got to this stage I hoped I’d remember how to do all the little detailing.    Teddy Bear Chair in Painting Process  

This is how it turned out.   

It reads “Salon Cuts 25 Cents” at the top.  I think it turned out quite good in spite of the years of lack of experience I had. 

Strawberry Jam 2008

We have also made some strawberry jam this week.   We’ll put labels on them and share with some friends and family as usual.  Putting the labels on them helps to ensure the empties get returned for next year’s refills.      What is your favourite jam to make?  Has anyone made wine jelly thats been yummy?  I’d love to make some of that.

We’ve had the “hummers” coming by to enjoy the nectar we make and put out for them.  I love it when they actually sit on the hanger with their little tiny feet and their little bitty wings stop flapping a mile a second…the wind was blowing the feeder around this time.Humming birds

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All In a Week’s Time…

Folded Quilt      

I don’t know why I seemingly like to do this to myself.   What?   Think of something then procrastinate and then jump in at the last minute.  I knew about this engagement party and that it was THIS weekend.  When do you suppose I decided to go ahead with making this quilt for a present?  THIS week, a couple of days ago of course.   I haven’t even been able to finish the top.  There is more to it than I’m showing.  It won’t be finished for Saturday.  I think I’ll take a picture of what I’ll have done by then and enclose it in the envelope…unless I think of something else I can make faster before then..*grinning*…       Quilt on the Go

The raspberry bushes are full of raspberries ready to ripen.  They were planted the summer Madeline was born just about 4 years ago.  Madeline spritzes them with water and that must be why they are doing so well.

Madeline spritzing raspberry bush

Jack eyed his dad’s dinner plate and then grabbed the most appealing thing on it….a pork chop!  Yum.  It was a humid day which made some lovely curls in his blonde hair.

Yummy Jack..


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Bunny Canvas Bag

Have I told you I love bunnies?  Someone refers to me as his bunny :o) … and I collect bunnies.  I also really love Fitz and Floyd pieces and salt and pepper shakers , so therefore I have a small collection (so far) of Fitz and Floyd bunny salt and pepper shakers!  whew!  I’ll share them with you soon…

 That leads me to this post because I sewed a bag with my favourite bunny.   I drew the bunny on a pretty brick pink and white check print, sewed him on canvas did a little hand embroidery, attached my favourite colour,  a bricky red synthetic suede to the trim, green lining and voila…a new bag.


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All Done – Baby Blanket and Jewellery

My Noah’s Arc Baby Quilt/Blanket which is a custom order is finished.  The size is 32″x37.5 of cute faces and bright colours and sure to be entertaining for the new little baby boy, for who this is made, as he gets older.   In the meantime he’ll be snuggly in it.  I’ll post the pictures into my pinkdaisies etsy shop and take a custom order for another one much like this one.

I made some jewellery using beautiful Swarovski crystals that will go into the shop also.   Topaz coloured Swarovski crystals sparkle in this bracelet and earrings complemented by topaz czech crystals.    Swarovski Crystal set handmade

This is a  pink and deep purple Swarovski crystal necklace and earrings.  I’m sure it will dress up a wedding occasion, a special outfit or a simple day.  It is so feminine and sparkly.  I think that those sparkly crystals are so versatile for special occasion and any day.    Swarovski crystal jewellery set

I love the look of these tear-drop glass beads because they look frosted and I’ve coordinated 3 colours for a bracelet and earrings that I think would be fun to wear.   Check them out at pinkdisies. and tell me what you think.        Drop glass earrings and bracelet

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