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Bridal Pearl and Silver Bracelet and Earrings

Pearl and Swarovski Bracelet & Earrings

I have handmade a Swarovski pearl, crystal and silver bead bracelet today and I am happy with the look.  The set will make a beautiful accessory for the bride, member of the bridal party, the graduate or for the person celebrating a special day.  Available at PinkDaisies.

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Tuesday…a Quilt…and Neptune Necklace

Baby Quilt on the Go

I have had this Noah’s arc fabric for a while and wasn’t sure how I would use it but finally I’ve had a chance to start working on it.   Its going to be a baby’s quilt.  In this picture I have cut and pieced together strips for the inner border.   

Neptune Necklace

Here is a picture of a new necklace I’ve made recently.  I really like the colour, shine and hints of gold colour on it.  The pearls add a soft, feminine look.  I’m going to put it into my shop this week.  I have pods in other colours as well.   


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Its About a Busy Saturday……All Day

Funny how I…we can be with change.  When I first saw the new setup for WordPress I thought yuck!  Everything in the old setup seemed so well laid out and it worked so well.  Except that more recently something crazy happened with my computer and wordpress in the writing/editing mode where there was overlapping and posting became almost unbearable.  But, after using the new set up for a  post or two I forgot all about the initial issues I had with the new look and I’m trapsing through beautifully.  In the end I’m finding it so easy and user friendly.  Its great!  Anyone feel this way?


My Saturday….

I was up early today.  I was bound and determined to do some housework before I started to play.  I was up at 7:00 a.m. and its 5:00 and now I’m supposed to think about crafting?  whew…  Busy day.  I cleaned my windows, washed my livingroom/diningroom floors by hand, 2 loads of wash that included my scatter type rugs, sorted through magazines and rearranged them into different areas, baked cookies from Ultimate Cookie Book  , baked a lemon poppyseed loaf, washed the bathroom and kitchen….did some shopping.  And I have a roast chicken and veggies in the oven for dinner.  I had been falling behind a bit….  Let me know if you are interested in the lemon poppyseed loaf recipe.  It was simple and yum.

The cookies are very delicious! The cookie is a bit crisper, sort of and the chocolate is gooey yum.  The recipe called for 12 oz of chocolate chips.  I had assorted bittersweet chocolate chips, semi sweet chips and white chocolate squares and threw them all in with some skors bar toffee bits.  Do you find that when a recipe says you’ll end up with 36 cookies you end up with 22 or something?  I do.  Today the recipe said it would make 22 1/4 cup cookies.  I used a cookie scoop and made 4 dozen!  I wouldn’t make them any larger than the ones I did make.

Our Superintendent is wonderful and I wanted to share some baking with her.  Here is a mini poppy seed loaf and a tin of cookies I gave to her.

Saturday Baking

Deluxe  Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 cup packed brown sugar

3/4 cup white sugar

1 cup margarine or butter, softened

1 tsp vanilla

2 eggs

2-1/2 cups flour

3/4 tsp baking soda

3/4 tsp salt

1 cup chopped walnuts (I added some Skor toffie bits instead)

12 oz semi sweet or milk chocolate bits or chips

Heat oven to 375F.  Beat sugars and margarine for about 3 minutes until flluffy.  Beat in vanilla and eggs.   Stair in flour, baking soda, and salt.  Stir in chocolate and nuts.

Drop dough by level 1/4 cupfuls (or cookie scoop) 2″ apart on ungreased cookie sheets.  Flatten slights with fork.  Bake 11-14 minutes or until edges are light brown.  The centers will be soft.  Cool 3-4 minutes, remove from cookie sheet.   I made 4 dozen – recipe says 22 cookies.


Apples Tea Cozy

Apples Tea Cozy

I made another yummy apple fabric tea cozy for  my shop .  I love the bright apples.  I love my tea cozy. 


Cairo Bracelet & Earrings


I just put my Cairo 3-strand bracelet and matching earrings into my shop PinkDaisies.  I really like the multicoloured, vibant, glass beads in its bronze, yellow, rose, greens with pink swarovski crystals.  Its so easy to wear with its brilliant irridescent colours.      I REALLY love bracelets these days.  I think I’m addicted to them if one can be that.  What about you?


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Bracelets Galore for Spring and Finally in My Shop

Precious Hearts Bracelet

I have been making bracelets…bracelets…bracelets.  I love the dazzling look and the feel of a lovely bracelet embracing every move on my wrist.  Here are some pictures then. 

 They can be found in my etsy shop.    tn_green.jpg        tn_pearls-and-hearts1.jpg  

               tn_rubyred1.jpg           tn_jewellery1.jpg

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PinkDaisies Open..

Floral Green BagI’ve had a collection of handmade bags and pouches I hadn’t done anything with so today I finally took pictures and put them into my new etsy  PinkDaisies.  The shop is open but it isn’t all “decorated” yet.  I’m still working on that.  I’m having quite a time trying to make up a banner although I saw some directions.  Can anyone give me suggestions…moreso help!! But in the meantime it is open.  :o)  I’m happy about that.  Pretty Beaded Flower Pouch Wristlet  I’ve also put up a warm,  “furry” headband  Snuggly Warm “Furry” Headband

I’ve also completed a Teddy Bear Lovers or Child’s Teddy Bear wall hanging.  It is made the same way as I made Janet’s baby’s blanket with the chenille effect.  It is about 20″ square and I’ve put it into the new shop also.Teddy Bear Wallhanging

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Busy Time of Year…

I haven’t been here for a long time!  It has been a busy time of year and crafting hasn’t helped make it less so….  Santa brought me a Sony digital camera for Christmas so now I’ll be able to snap pictures again.  Love it!

Since my last post in November I was saddened to have to put Kelly my 20 year old kitty to sleep.  She developed a tumor in her jaw in the early fall and in December I had to make the decision.  She was a lovely little companion for me and the family.  We miss her a lot.     Pretty Kelly

Christmas came and went…..    Santa and Mr. Snowman

I made some gifts for Christmas …..and then sewed headbands and knit us ladies hats (my mom, me, Madeline, Robyn) as gifts for AFTER Christmas…

Handmade Headbands and Knitted HatsHandmade Knit Hat

and Eva, we’re modelling our new knit hats…

    This is the Pattern for the Knit Hat   Handknit Hat

Materials:  I ball of “Chunky Barnet soft”   (main colour) & 1 ball of  “Bowa”  -eyelash yarn (or similar) 1 Size 6 circular needles.   4 Size 6 double pointed needles.  Marker 

Note:  Knit using one strain of each. Cast on 60 sts.  Place a marker at the beginning.  Continue knitting in round as follows: K1 P1 ribbing until work from beginning measures 5 inches.  Last stitch ending at marker. Tie off bowa (eyelash) and work with remaining “Chunky” as follows: K all rows from marker until work from beginning measures 8 inches ( or desired length) Begin cast off as follows: Row 1:  K10, K2 tog , K 10, K2 tog,  -continue to marker.Row 2:  K rowRow 3:  K9 sts, K2 tog, K9, K2 tog,  -continue to marker.Row 4:  K row Continue in this way, decreasing by K1 until 5 stitches remaining.-change from circular needles to 4 double point needles as work gets smaller.-cast off and sew top.  Add optional pompom.

Handsewn Matching Accessories

New Coat and Handmade Headband and Tote Bag

Santa gave me a fur-like white coat and I made a furry type headband to match.  The head band is sitting on the coat at the left bottom.  I also made the purse and attached some of the furry material to it.  I think it turned out quite nice.   

Madeline’s Fleece Poncho 

Handmade Fleece Poncho for Madeline  I took a picture of the fleece poncho I made for Madeline.  It also has a matching hat.  Quick and easy and no sew!

I bought a nice new teapot….so I made a new tea cozy.  I loved the bright colours of the fabric.   New Handmade Tea Cozy

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Silk Fusion and Silk Dyeing

Silk Fusion MaskLast night I joined some ladies and learned about working with silk fibres and dyeing silk.  We had such a nice time working on projects.  I made a mask by fusing wonderfully coloured silk fibres that were a bricky red, to orangey red to raspberry pink.  Its a very interesting process.  I hated leaving it there to dry but I’ll be able to embellish it at the beginning of the week.   I’ll probably embellish it with feathers and beads.  My next project was dyeing a rectangular silk scarf.   I discovered it takes a certain technique as you don’t have total control of the paints that reach out to do their own thing.  Once its all dry my colours of rusty brown, green, yellow and a golden colour will show the effects of the coarse salt I scattered over it while it began to dry.  I’ll share a picture once I get the projects home.  This is definately something I’ll explore more in the new year.  Yahooo…

This is the way it looks right now….My Silk Infused Mask Unbellished  Later I’ll embellish it with beads and feathers.

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