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Beverly’s Pink Saturday – a day of sharing pinks pictures and stories.

Pink Saturday

  Its PINK Saturday hosted by Beverley at   How Sweet The Sound.  All kinds of lovely pinkness can be found when you visit her blog today.  Visit all the participants and leave a comment.   They want to know you’ve really been there and they love reading what you have to say  :o)

“It’s PINK  Saturday yipppeeee my momma loves PINK  Saturday”  said  Abby.  Pink Saturday!!  What IS PINK  Saturday anyway momma?? What are you doing momma?  Oh no that is not my favourite PINK fluffy Easter band….yikes what are you trying to do??? 2009-january-1103                   Its not even easter and I can’t wear that silly PINK thing…  I’ve seen Madeline put that thing on momma’s head and she doesn’t look like a Fairy Princess!        2009-january-101       

Maybe if I close my eyes and look disgusted my momma will understand…2009-january-106         

I’m not going to sit pretty with this thing around my neck….I’ll just lie here and play dead…




              2009-january-1082                     Why is she whistling at me and telling me I’m such a pretty little girl?   There isn’t anything pretty about this.  I’m not going to even look up I don’t want anyone to recognize me…                  2009-january-112                                   Oh this is humiliating if you ask me….                                                                                        

   All for the sake of PINK Saturday and ladies leaving comments! hmph!!!  Now isn’t this a much nicer picture momma just pretty me sitting looking at this pretty PINK bow? 2009-january-1031                Silly Abby she was determined not to let me take a picture of her with that band on her head and I thought she looked adorable!  Be sure to check out the other lovely pinkess participants….and have a lovely day.   Judi xoxo


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PINK Saturday and my REAL Birthday…

Today is PINK Saturday AND my birthday..*grinning*.  I really don’t usually mention my birthday (although a friend recently said we should be very happy to be here to celebrate each one, which is so true).   But it seems to be something I’ve mentioned in my last 3 blogs. newyears2008-017 We celebrated early with friends on New Year’s eve and then you have been so kind to sing early to me and I’ve loved the good wishes and now today is really the day.   I always say I like to have mine first thing in the new year so its over and I don’t have to worry about getting older waiting for it later in the year!!

My 2  sons and their families and my mom will be coming over for lunch.   My eldest son Geoff is working in the afternoon so we’re getting together early.  The Love Bunny made some delicious Swiss Steak with pearl onions and carrots that stewed all evening.  We’ll be serving it over egg noodles.  We’ll have caesar salad and I made some cornbread in my new iron skillet.  I think it’ll be yummy and we’ll have a nice visit.  My DIL had her birthday on December 30th and the Love Bunny and I went out for dinner with them to celebrate that day.  My youngest son Richard’s lady, Eva’s birthday is on the 21st so this will be a together birthday celebration.

AND its PINK Saturday  and Beverly from HowSweetTheSound is hosting it for us.  The list is growing so be sure to click to Beverlys and visit the other participants of lovely PINKness.   Be sure to leave a comment so they know you’ve been there.  They will be happy to know you’ve visited.

This is my favourite cup and saucer that make my tea taste just so right.   I love the pretty PINK design both inside the delicate cup and outside. fall2008-009  I have had it for years and it is the Love Series from Royal Albert.







When my youngest son Richard and his Eva came back from a 2-year trip to British Columbia  last fall I returned their Joya plant that I’d been looking after.   I took a little leaf clipping first and rooted it.  fall2008-007 It has grown so well in just over a year and it sits in this little PINK sugar dish.   If you are lucky this plant grows a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers that look like porcelin flowers and that give a sweet fragrance in the evening.  I hope this one will flower in time for me. 

Thank you for visiting on PINK Saturday.   Enjoy the rest of the PINK participants.    Judi


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