“English”…”Service”… “Phone Number”… etc… etc…


I’m posting again about the problem with my cracky phone  that affects my computer.   I had a weekend without visiting my dear blogging friends.   That was so yucky except its amazing how much I got done around here.  A month ago a similar problem cleared up after I booked a service appointment.   So I cancelled.  Wonder what got done around here that time?

Do you not hate calling companies  and having to explain to an automated “person”?  I do.  “English”… “Service”… “phone number”…”Home Telephone”…”No” etc…etc….  Once I got to a real person I gave my name, address, postal code, my name again and my password.   I was going to have to take 1/2 day off work because they  had no evening appointments in the near future in my area.  I said I’d call back.  That appointment was going to cost me $90.00 plus $55.00 for the second jack. Yuck!

I booked a 1/2 day off work and called them back.. “English”… “Service”… “Phone number” etc. ..etc… until I reached a live person confirmed my name, address, city, postal code etc. again.  I  was told they DID have evening appointments in my area and so I quickly booked for tonight.  AND I was told I could purchase a $99.00 one year service package that would cover this and further repairs and the second jack.   So I booked and purchased the package.   WHAT a nice lady that one was.

Then my son Geoff called me later in the afternoon.  I told him about my phone problem.   The darling son that he is told me HE could fix it and that he had wired his phone in his own basement.  He would do it this weekend.  Cancel and save the maintenance fee he said.  Ok  I said.    “English”… “Service”…. “Phone Number”…  etc…  etc. .. a real person answered and half way through confirming my name, address, password etc. we were cut off.   I rolled my eyes…I sighed…I redialed the number.  “English”…. “Service”… “Phone Number”..etc..etc. and finally after confirming my phone number, address etc.  I was able to cancel just before closing!  Whew!  

AND magically I have no static on my phone again.  Strange eh?  The phone company said they’d be checking the line from outside first and would contact me if that was the problem.  Perhaps it was…again.   Let’s see.


I am sharing a pretty picture taken in November  …one of the first snows…. have a lovely day…  Judi xoxox



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Back to Blogging Problems and Brrrrrr..

So seems I need to call the phone company this morning as soon as I get one more minute here.  As on the weekend I’m having problems and therefore can’t blog from home.  I’m just at break at work and thought I’d peek in and “hel-lo”.

My it has been chilly lately…brrrrrr…   Last week we had temps of -21C and I’m not so sure what that is in F.  This week its continuing to be 1F everyday.  Its been very bright and sunny and CRISP!  Tomorrow its going to go up to 32F and then back to 1F the next day.  How crazy is that?  Almost like 2 seasons in 2 days.

Well no pics to post from here just a weather report.  *lol*.

Keep warm for those having winter and enjoy the warmth if you are in it!

See you when and as I can.    Have a lovely day …. Judi xoxo


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Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday but first let me say –

hi everyone!  *big smiles*.  After a weekend of not being able to blog or get anywhere online I was so excited to try again on Sunday evening and Voila I’m here!   I was able to do some visiting last night.  We’ll see how it continues.

Now you can’t imagine how much of my “spring” cleaning I was able to continue this weekend because I wasn’t blogging… Lots!  So there was good and there was bad in not being able to visit all my wonderful blogging  friends.  When I put it that way it was awful!

Blue Monday Instructions

Today is BLUE Monday hosted by Sally from Smiling Sally.  There are all kinds and shades of lovely blueness for you to see so be sure to click to her site and visit all the other participants.  Be sure to leave a comment so everyone knows you’ve been there…and they love to read your comments too.

I wanted to show you another little guy from my little critters collection.  critters-019  Isn’t he the cutest little conductor you’ve ever seen!  He is wearing his BLUE conductor hat and his cute BLUE jacket.  He’s all set to go with his gray and green bags.  He’s bearly bearly cute I think!

critters-020 This is the little backside of him.







Enjoy all the rest of the Blueness for today.  Have a lovely day!  …. Judi xoxo


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2009-january-091If you hear some spitting (the kind of spitting sound when someone is angry) and you don’t “see” me, it probably is me you are hearing!!    I’ll be sitting right here where I sit with my laptop when I blog… but I’ll be hissing…. 

A month ago my phone made staticy sounds periodically….mostly when I was talking to Marc.  Sometimes it was fine and other times not!  It was at that time I noticed that I was having internet problems.  It was taking forever to post comments when I was blogging, and  travelling around online was soooo sloooow like molasses and whew it was torture.  Now you probably all have wireless and none of you are on dial-up.  I am on dial-up because the College where I work gives us free dial-up.   On the most part I do great on it. 

When I realized the problem wasn’t going away or getting better I called the telephone company and made an appointment for them to come and fix the problem.  Thats a $98. call and whatever else they needed to do.  Anyway a couple of days before they were to come everything got better on its own.  That darn static disappeared and things were back to normal with my computer as well. 

Now, a month later its back.  That static started again a couple of days ago on my phone (and its all the phones).   I have been having a horrible time trying to visit anyone last night or today.  Most of the time although I’m connected it can’t find anything.. :o(   or anyone  :o( . 

I just happened to be able to get into WordPress this evening but its very sloooowwww trying to open up to comment.  I mean it can take OVER 10 minutes just to try to get someplace.  Soooo I will have to call the telephone company again.   So if you don’t see me around thats why…..and I am not happy… I’m hissing…   

Sometimes I stay in for lunch and visit my dear blogging friends I  may see you anyway…  hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend… Judi xoxo


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Pink Saturday

  Its PINK Saturday hosted by Beverley at   How Sweet The Sound.  All kinds of lovely pinkness can be found when you visit her blog today.  Visit all the participants and leave a comment.   They want to know you’ve really been there and they love reading what you have to say  :o)

“It’s PINK  Saturday yipppeeee my momma loves PINK  Saturday”  said  Abby.  Pink Saturday!!  What IS PINK  Saturday anyway momma?? What are you doing momma?  Oh no that is not my favourite PINK fluffy Easter band….yikes what are you trying to do??? 2009-january-1103                   Its not even easter and I can’t wear that silly PINK thing…  I’ve seen Madeline put that thing on momma’s head and she doesn’t look like a Fairy Princess!        2009-january-101       

Maybe if I close my eyes and look disgusted my momma will understand…2009-january-106         

I’m not going to sit pretty with this thing around my neck….I’ll just lie here and play dead…




              2009-january-1082                     Why is she whistling at me and telling me I’m such a pretty little girl?   There isn’t anything pretty about this.  I’m not going to even look up I don’t want anyone to recognize me…                  2009-january-112                                   Oh this is humiliating if you ask me….                                                                                        

   All for the sake of PINK Saturday and ladies leaving comments! hmph!!!  Now isn’t this a much nicer picture momma just pretty me sitting looking at this pretty PINK bow? 2009-january-1031                Silly Abby she was determined not to let me take a picture of her with that band on her head and I thought she looked adorable!  Be sure to check out the other lovely pinkess participants….and have a lovely day.   Judi xoxo


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Out of the Mouths of Babes

langstons-to-xmas-decorations-0541Don’t you just love what comes out of the mouths of babes?  I just love a good conversation with my granddaughter Madeline.  She is 4.5 years old and she’s very girly and sensible and is careful about the  things she says and does.  I think she’s a model child if you ask me.    I said she is very pink and girly but likes to fish, and handle worms and skate and hang upside down  over the monkey bars at the park (quite unlike girly) and wrestle with her dad etc. 

Last night I picked her up to share a “girl’s evening” together.  Because I’ve been busy with this “spring” cleaning I thought we’d pick up a pizza and have that at my place along with a salad.   She thought the Pizza Pizza place was so different to the one she is used to picking up a pizza from with her parents.   She asked if I thought we should eat in the store.  I said sure if she wanted to and she said sure, did I want to??  That settled we did.  We decided as a treat to share a  carton of chocolate milk.  As she sipped from her glass she said that her mom wouldn’t be happy if she was drinking the chocolate milk.  Its full of sugar.  It doesn’t have protein!  She explained protein is full of vitamins and vitamins are good for you.  

In between the meal she had to use the lady’s room so I went in with her.  She was careful not to touch everything because its not that clean she said.  She washed her hands well and on the way out I opened the door.  She told me that door was dirty and that I should have used a paper towel…hmmm… now did I say she is 4.5 years old?

We baked chocolate cupcakes and while they baked we played Junior Kindergarten.  I was one student among 5 other barbie type dolls I have here.   She was the teacher.  She called me “Lea” so I called her Miss Rosemary.  *s*.   For being good we got to choose a special gift.   She has chicken eggs in an incubator at school so of course “our” school had a plastic egg getting ready to hatch in a little box under my lamplight.   We were in the middle of frosting and pouring on 1/2 a container of sprinkles per cupcake when her parents arrived.  Yum….we had a wonderful visit with a grand finale of sharing cupcakes… *s*…   I was so busy playing that I didn’t take any pictures  unfortunately.                            Enjoy your day……  Judi xoxo


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Took a Tag

7 Random Thoughts…..

Diane from A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words  recently was tagged for 7 Random Things About Me.   She offered the Tag to anyone who needed some blogging material.  That be me right now.   I have been busy all evening doing early spring cleaning  (on one of the coldest nights this winter) I could call it.  I am plowing through closets and  sorting and chucking and putting aside to take to the Goodwill and organzing.  Whew.  I’m having a little break.

 First here is a cute little picture of Madeline… madeline-cuteshe and I are having a “girl’s night” at my place tomorrow evening.  I’ll pick her up and we’ll have dinner and playyyyyyy… can’t wait!

  This is my 7 Random Things About Me….

1)   I attended half  of grade 5 and all of grade 6 in a one room school in a little village about 10 hours north of me.   It     was a great experience and it sure was very cold up there!

2)   I like to fish especially casting and ice fishing.    I can stand by the shore at the cottage alone casting out and       reeling in and casting out and reeling in and get lost in my thoughts….

3)   I saw the Monkees in Toronto and was in love with Davey Jones.  :o)

4)   My parents are from Finland and came to Canada about a year after they were married.  I was born a couple of         years later.   We spoke Finnish at home and I learned on my own to read and write the language.   Mostly my conversation with my mother these days  is her speaking in Finnish and my answering in English.

5)   My favourite month is May.  I love the buds and flowers and everything pretty about the new spring season.  I feel  restful because it feels the nice warm weather is just beginning and the summer will last a long time.  Once I’ve established that I LOVE the summer months.

6)   Like Diane I have never mastered driving a standard-shift car.  In earlier years Itried and tried but  would get so nervous about having to brake and then think about how I’ll spit and sput trying to get going again!  *lol*.   I was once practising with my ex and we passed a police car.  I pulled over and made him switch seats and when we drove off the officer stopped our car.  He was suspicious of why we did that.

7)  I LOVE my morning coffee and then I’m done for the day.  I think about it at night before drifting off to sleep…aaaahhhhh I can’t wait to get up to my coffee. 

I’m passing it on to you if you happen to run short of blogging material…  Judi xoxo


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