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Things Happen For a Reason…

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This isn’t my picture but a picture that someone had forwarded to me and I wish I could give credit to that person.  I thought this picture might be appropriate in some way to my title of Things Happen for a Reason.  I wonder what the reason is that the tortoise is winning this race….hmmmmm.


I think that that things happen for a reason.  Often times, its not worth fretting over something that’s not going your way.  Think of it as a chance to step aside with your plans because something better is coming along.  You’ll feel better in the meantime….

When you stop to think about it how often does something happen and your first thought is “oh my goodness, I am sooo glad that this didn’t happen after all because this came along or that happened instead or what would I have done if that HAD happened…”  It all happens for a reason I believe although you may not see it at the time or it may be so irrelevant that you don’t think anything more about it or the subsequent happenings. 

Let me know I’m really interested on your take…

Its About the Drumstick Cake Revisited….

Well in July and again in August I posted about this Drumstick Cake to which I gave the recipe.  A lady at work makes and loves it and I thought I wouldn’t be making it right away and I thought it would be fun for someone else to try the cake and send me the picture to use and let me know what they thought.  I wanted to send a prize to that person of my handcrafted soap.  Well no one has done it yet!  I hope someone does because I’m all ready to send the soap.  Its a yummy cake you know….yum!

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