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Blue Monday – Thrifting

Blue Monday Instructions

Today is Blue Monday hosted by Sally of SmilingSally.  Visit all the participating bloggers for more lovely BLUE for your day.  Be sure to leave a comment so everyone knows you’ve been there!

I have never been a BLUE person.  I can comfortably wear only navy blue or a certain pale blue.    I’m a green, buttery yellow, raspberry, bricky red kind of gal.  Love blue when I see it but under no circumstance could I do it in my home…or can I?   I am loving cake plates and gave one to my DIL for Christmas to my younger son’s girlfriend for her b’day in January.  But I don’t have one…yet.  So yesterday I was on a mission when I headed for the thrift store.

Then.. I spotted this one in absolute perfect condition for $2.99.  See all the pale BLUE in it…and the touch of green and touch of pink and silver rim? 2009-january-002 









Then I saw the matching BLUE bread/cake plates under $1.00 each.  There were 8 of them…2009-january-005to serve up the cake…BLUE…









Then I could not resist the matching BLUE  covered casserole $3.99.   None of these pieces showed wear…











I tried to avoid the matching 2 piece BLUE gravy boat… $2.99.  But couldn’t.



Unfortunately there were only 5 dinner plates and 3 were chipped so I left them all there.   I also found 5 little dessert nappies  but didn’t take them. (should I go back?).

As I walked around a couple who must have seen me picking my treasures came to tell me there was a matching teapot and 8 cups and saucers around the other side.  Thanks??….. 

 The teapot was $3.99 and I also picked up the matching platter it was only $2.99 .  How could I possibly resist them?    They are in excellent condition and only a few pieces have a very minute wear on the silver.   I can’t believe I brought home something BLUE, really you can’t imagine.   Its only because I’ve been blogging and admiring so many different BLUE items including a new love for china that I was able to bring these BLUE pieces home….and so far…they feel right at home.   I’ll have to mix and match them with my white dinner plates.    They are called Somerset by Excel.2009-january-0171









Blogging is certainly having quite an effect on me… you too?   Have a lovely BLUE Monday..  Judi xoxo


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Blue Monday

Blue Monday Instructions

Its BLUE Monday and it is.  Back to work and its BLUE Monday hosted by Sally from SmilingSally.  Be sure to click on Sally’s blog for more BLUE Monday participants.  Grab your coffee and enjoy…

Walking out my door and building this is the lovely view I get…pretty white snow the trees and BLUE skies.   2009-january-0091









When its dark and I walk past that spot in the dead of winter I feel like I’m all alone.  Everything is so quiet and still  and then I hear it.  A “quack, quack, quack, quack” coming from somewhere near in that darkness.   It makes me smile.  I guess they know I’m there… and now I’ve captured them to show you.  2009-january-006









Can you see them all down below the banks in the woods?  There are so many ducks down there in the BLUE water …lots of them and its winter!    They are a bit hard to see in the picture but you can tell their little necks and heads I’m sure.  I was standing up on a snow bank almost knee deep in snow to take this picture and some of them squak quacked and moved to the left of the picture where we can’t see them.  Even though its very freezing cold around here the water in that area doesn’t freeze over because it has movement and the ducks hang out there swimming.  They do the same in the summer too.  How come they don’t freeze their little footies I wonder?  

Thats my BLUE Monday post.   I hope whether you have the cold of the snow or the warmth of the sand that  you are having a lovely day…. Judi xoxo



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BLUE Monday & Another Giveaway!!

Blue Monday Instructions

Funny how you can determine the day by its colour on blogland…today being BLUE Monday hosted by Sally from SmilingSally.  Thank you Sally!!  Be sure to click on her blog name to take you to her site where you can see all the other Blue Monday participants.  You’ll see and read about all kinds of lovely BLUE.

Today I am going to share with you my little Cherished Bunnies.  I have a little bunny collection.  I even have a BIG bunny who I call my Love Bunny too!  But these are my little bunnies. 


Aren’t these little girlfriend bunnies cute wearing a lovely BLUE dress, cuddling their cherished little baby bunnies?  I love the little bonnet with the blue dots that remind me of icing on a wedding cake.


This little BLUE dressed bunny is getting ready to make some pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving I think.  I’ll share some more another day.  I hope you’ve liked looking at my BLUE Monday bunnies.  Be sure to head over to Sally’s. 

Another Giveaway to my Blogging Friends…  ((Julie 991)

I had a Giveaway recently for my BIG 200th post!  Where had the words gone…where had they come from?  What inspired them I wondered?  It didn’t take me a minute to figure out it was because of my wonderful blogging friends…those Girls in My Circle.   That circle that grows as we venture further into each other’s blogs.  Without you and your lovely comments I would have thought I was just writing to myself!  So goodness THANK YOU leaving your comments!

In Celebration of your comments I got to thinking about something.  So I am having another giveaway and its going to happen when?  Might be today…only my readers will influence that.  Because this giveaway came so quickly I can only say that it no doubt will be some goodies I’ve made.    So ladies this is a very quick giveaway.   The winner will happen soon as I said.   IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE PLEASE LEAVE ME A MESSAGE WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS USING THE “AT” AND “DOT” so I can contact you.  Good Luck!

Have a lovely day.   Judi


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BLUE Monday and 198th Post and Giveaway

This is my 198th post with only 2 more before my Giveaway for my 200th post!!  I posted about it a week ago Friday.   Let me know in your comment that you would like to participate if you haven’t already done so and I’ll add in your name!  Good Luck!!

Today is Monday…

Blue Monday Instructions

and that means its Blue Monday hosted by Sally from SmilingSally.blogspot.com.  If you haven’t visited on Blue Monday before be sure to click on Sally’s blog to see who is participating today.  Visit the love Blue Monday blogs on her list and don’t forget to leave a post to show you’ve been there.  Enjoy.

Today I’m sharing the beautiful BLUE skies with their billowing clouds over the morning BLUE Lake Ontario waters. This picture was so majestic and so free-spirited….I stood there for some time just admiring the beauty of it.  The clouds were like huge castles lifting up to the heavens.  Everything was so peaceful.  I took this picture yesterday morning during breakfast.  A short time later the skies were no longer so beautiful.  They turned a gray and the waters became choppy.  Rains followed. 

This is the cottage next door with its BLUE shutters.  There is a cute little sun porch facing the water.  Its a lovely spot to sit and admire the BLUE waters and BLUE skies and boats on the water.  Looking past the sun porch far in that direction is Canada where I live.  We look there throughout the day trying to compare the weather there by the skies way overhead.

Sometimes the skies over the water look like this…

Thank you for visiting my Blue Monday.  I hope you enjoy all the different Blue Monday pictures offered today through Sally’s blog.

Have a lovely day.   Judi


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BLUE MONDAY – Honey I’m Home…Honey????

First off if you haven’t yet entered my coming up 200th Post and Giveaway, please read about it in my Friday’s “Girls In My Circle and a Giveaway”.  Leave me a post to let me know you would like to participate and I’ll include your name!!  Good luck!

I hope you had a really nice fall weekend.  The leaves certainly are beautiful and “dying” yikes as I’ve come to realize through recent blogging….the skies were BLUE my way with the nights becoming more crispy.






Its Blue Monday again hosted by Sally from SmilingSal.   Another Monday to show and share Blue items.  Be sure to click on Sally’s blog to visit and see all the other Blueness from her and the other participating bloggers.




On my long Friday drives to and fro from the Love Bunnies I have been passing this BLUE house.  I always just stare at it as I pass.   Today I stopped the car so I could take pictures and share it with you.  This is the scenerio that comes to my mind,  Honey…I’m Home!!!..honey???”


Honey???  Now will I ever find that woman of mine???

The first time I saw it it really struck me funny.   I think they have to use a back entrance to get in that house.  Have they left a little area from the inside of their front door to take in the wood?  Would you want to go into that little area to get the wood risking a pile of wood falling on down on you?  They must be anticipating some very cold weather in that house.  I think I would have just piled it all outside at the back…..but I think “honey” doesn’t mind….


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Blue Monday & Happy Thanksgiving

Sally at smilingsally is hosting Blue Monday today.  Be sure to click on her blog and see all the lovely blueness and the bloggers who are participating on Blue Monday.  Blue Monday Instructions  First let me tell you a couple of things…then I’ll share my blue with you.

Happy Thanksgiving to All My Canadian Friends

This is our Thanksgiving in Canada.  We’ve already celebrated it on Saturday in order for us all to be together.  It was a lovely family time.  Even my brother from British Columbia was here with his girlfriend.  There were 10 of us at my place.    We enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner and the Love Bunny and I were busy preparing during the day.  I think everything turned out so nicely.  We are lucky, the Love Bunny Marc and I to be able to celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving in October and then the American Thanksgiving in November.  It was perfect, even the weather.

I have to share about Madeline with you.  When she came in she greeted and hugged each person individually on her own saying Happy Thanksgiving.  She made each couple a Thanksgiving card.  When it was time to go she hugged each person and said goodbye.  Before she walked out the door she asked “is there anyone missing a hug?”  At the same time my brother (wearing BLUE jeans) and my youngest son Richard (wearing  BLUE hoodie) said “YES” and scooped her up for a big hug.     We all smiled.  Aren’t they special?

For Blue Monday here is a lovely picture I took in March while we were on our Eastern Caribbean Cruise.  Here we were on land in Barbardos.   Isn’t the water a beautiful BLUE…and the sky… 

On our balcony on the ship were BLUE chairs which looked wonderful against the beautiful BLUE water.     That is actually Fort Lauderdale, Florida – just as we were leaving. 

 It seemed strange to think that we were in a vessel on BLUE water carrying swimming pools filled with BLUE water….

  My scarecrow is set up for the Fall and sporting BLUE overalls.  Cute isn’t he?

I’ve been making soap.  This one is scented Blue Raspberry which is absolutely yummy smelling..mmmmm I’ve embedded chunks of BLUE soap into it as well.    I’ve had a creative kind of day.     mmmmmm smells soooo yummy in here.  This will be going into my etsy store shortly.

I hope you’ve had a good visit looking at my BLUE Monday items.  Don’t forget to look at the other bloggers and they’ll be happy to see your comment and know you’ve been there.

Have a lovely day!   Judi


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Blue Monday

Blue Monday Instructions  Sally at smilingsally.blogspot.com is hosting Blue Monday.  Be sure to visit her to see more blues for the day and click to see what the other bloggers participating today for Blue Monday have to share.

This weekend while we were at the Hilton Apple Festival I took some blue pictures to share with you.  There was the blue scarecrow way up high smiling down at us all.


One vender had these lovely glass flowers…see the blue ones in there?  They made up such nice bouquets.  These reminded me a bit of the hotel Belagio we saw in Vegas that had the whole ceiling made of glass flowers somewhat similar to these.  That was awesome.


I loved the pottery this vendor was selling.  I liked the look of this glass mask.  It would look neat outside on a  fence wall.  Don’t you think?  Wonder if a bird would slip in there and build a nest?


I love sunflowers and they look great painted on these blue vases.  


Here are some more flowers.   All her paintings were so good…loved what she did on these jugs.


Another vendor made a great assortment of pottery.  There are many varigated bowls and items with blue in them.  Really pretty.  I love pottery.

Now be sure to check Sally’s blog for more blue.


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Blue Monday

Another Monday and its a Blue Monday! 




Sally is hosting Blue Monday.  Click over to her blog and see what she and the other ladies are sharing on this Blue Monday.   I am sharing with you a darling bird’s nest teapot that I came across recently in my quest for finding interesting teapots.     It has a blue bird feeding its babies.  Isn’t it cute?  I’ve been thinking of how it will become the next Teapot Garden Party birdfeeder.  

Do you have bird’s nests in your yard?  Have you had a bird built a nest in a strange spot…over your front light…in your flower box?  My mom has a deck that has 2 levels.  A robin built a nest under the top deck so that when you walk down to the lower level it is at eye level.  Mommy bird must have misjudged a safe spot or maybe she just felt comfortable and wanted show and tell.


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Blue Monday

Blue Monday   Sally  from SmilingSally is hosting Blue Monday  today.  Be sure to go to her blog and see all the other lovely blue goodies.  I am participating today and found some more blue in my home and I took a picture outdoors as well!  I had worked for 7 years part-time in a home-furnishings store, in addition to my fulltime job.  Beside the cash was a big basket with some very dry soil and a crooked african violet sat lopsided on one side of it.  It had huge leaves, a long, bare spine and it was always, always FULL of flowers.   It was amazing because it never saw real light and I used to call her “Matilda”.  When she was rather dry I’d take the whole basket to the back and give her a good soak.  Then she’d just sit there again flowering….and become really dry and so the pattern continued.  

We knew our store was going to close at some point.  Without our knowing it our manager took 14 leaves from Matilda and rooted them.  She potted each one and they grew leaves very quickly.  We had a farewell party once the store did close and we were all touched to tears when we were given a little pot of “Matilda”.  I’ve had her for 3 years and she is so large and has beautiful leaves but has only flowered one little flower…until right now.  I was so excited to see these little flowers sprouting.  Baby Matilda… 

I was given this ceramic container full of cookies.  I have managed to keep it in my kitchen and inside I place receipts I want to keep for a while and not lose. 

I also want to show the hydrangeas again that are growing in a neighbour’s yard at the cottage.  Oh how I love them.  I love this colour and hope to plant some myself next year. 

A couple of years ago when the Love Bunny and I went to Vegas we purchased  an F.A.O Schwarz  mug for him and one for me.  We keep them at my place.  His is the blue one and mine is red.     Its a great size mug with great size memories.


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Blue Monday

Today I’m participating in Sally’s Blue Monday .  I am not really a blue person.  I admire all the different shades of blues but I just can’t do it in my home.  I’ve tried.  I remember even as a teenager I realized I didn’t have anything blue except blue jeans.  Now I will wear navy blue and a certain pale blue but thats about it.

However I did manage to find 3 little blue items in my home so probably this will be the last Blue Monday I’ll be able to participating.  Now thats making me feel blue!


I have a spoon rest and it has lavender on it. I really like lavender, the colour, the flower and the scent.  This little spoonrest sits on my stove and comes in very handy.   

My mother visited Finland this summer and she bought me back this blue and white tea bag plate that was made in Finland.    I like the little blue bell flowers on it.  It also sits on my stove and I love to use it.  It makes tea time special. 

I recently purchased these little Pie Birds from ebay. 

I missed out on the white ones but I do like these little guys.  I haven’t used them yet and I think they are too pretty to use.  I like their happy little red feet and beak.   Thank you for allowing me to share my blue with you on Blue Monday.  Be sure to click over to Sally’s blog to see more lovely blues.


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