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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to all Canadians! 

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day today. 

Canada Day and American Flag

 Canadian and American Flags flying.

The neighbour at Marc’s puts up a Canadian Flag mostly when I come over to visit.  As I’m here for Canada Day and 4th of July they are both up. 

Canada Day Lunch

We celebrated Canada Day across on the other side of Lake Ontario today.  I was lucky in that my work gave us Monday and Tuesday off this year.  The extra day was given by our College President to acknowledge all that we do.  Nice eh?  It was a lovely day and it didn’t even rain for a change.   Marc and I set up a nice lunch for us.  It started out as sandwiches and chips but look at all the goodies we found in the fridge to make them sooooooooo yummy!  We had Brown’s Berry Patch apple raspberry pie for dessert too.    Did you have a good Canada Day?  Did you see fireworks?

Later in the day afternoon Marc went out for the evening to play golf with his Tuesday night league.  I took advantage of the time to try my hand at folk art painting again.  I hadn’t painted in about 13 years.  Last year I found this child’s chair at a garage sale when I was here   so

I cleaned it and hoped I would one day be able to paint on it.   So Marc went golfing this afternoon and I started painting.  When I got to this stage I hoped I’d remember how to do all the little detailing.    Teddy Bear Chair in Painting Process  

This is how it turned out.   

It reads “Salon Cuts 25 Cents” at the top.  I think it turned out quite good in spite of the years of lack of experience I had. 

Strawberry Jam 2008

We have also made some strawberry jam this week.   We’ll put labels on them and share with some friends and family as usual.  Putting the labels on them helps to ensure the empties get returned for next year’s refills.      What is your favourite jam to make?  Has anyone made wine jelly thats been yummy?  I’d love to make some of that.

We’ve had the “hummers” coming by to enjoy the nectar we make and put out for them.  I love it when they actually sit on the hanger with their little tiny feet and their little bitty wings stop flapping a mile a second…the wind was blowing the feeder around this time.Humming birds

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