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No Rain At Our Cottage

My mother, eldest son and his family and I I went up north to the Parry Sound area last week from Tuesday to Thursday.   Our cottage is about 2-1/2 hours from where I live.  Its definately a good thing we didn’t listen to the weatherman OR to to what the weathernetwork was telling us because we wouldn’t have gone.  The weather called for rain/thunderstorms/cloud with some sun.   We must have been nestled in a special place  because we had 3 days of lots of sun, gentle breezes and no rain.  The lake water was so nice we had a great time swimming and we ate and lived outdoors the whole time.

At the cottage this little chipmunk was so persistant that he wanted to get into the bird seed bag   I removed the bag and a little later we filled that little gazebo bird feeder with the seeds and hung it up in the tree.  It wasn’t too much after that we heard a little bird bouncing all over the branch…he was upset and tattle telling on the chipmunk…   Madeline is having a good look at the situation.    Geoff had to take the bird feeder down and then lifted the top and the chipmunk jumped out.  We secured the lid shut with clothes pegs so he wouldn’t get in and get stuck in there again.

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Babe and Friends at the Cottage


I hope you had a really good weekend.   

                       I was so surprised to see how much bigger the flowers in the wheelbarrow at the cottage looked this weekend.  It had only been a week since I’d planted them.  I put in a Welcome sign.

We had a busy weekend.  Marc’s mom “babe” who is such a lovely lady and so sharp and 93 years old came to the cottage with Marc’s brother and wife.  It was a 2-1/2 hour drive for her.   We had a total of 18 get together especially to visit with her.  She was so happy to see her great grandson Jack again, to see everyone again.        Marc grilled a couple of pork butts on the grill for about 6 hours and we served pulled pork on buns.  It was sooo Yum!


 I made  Kathy Mousher’s Delicious Baked Beans * (recipe below)     Kathy Mousher is a friend in the family’s mother-in-law.    This picture shows them before they went in the oven.  When they came out of the oven they had a much better done and yummy look.

 Janet, the Queen of desserts, again put together 2 different, fantastic looking and tasting desserts, 

 Mocha Layer Cake   

and Flat Bottom Fruit Pie  

      both from the Kraft Kitchen site.  I don’t know which one I preferred better, they were both absolutely worth testing again!   We all had such a good visit and Babe said those were the best 3 days of her life.  That put a smile on everyone’s faces.

I live in Canada during the week, the weekends in the summer are spent in New York State at Marc’s cottage, his home.  (In the winter this plan reverses)  So a few years ago I was so excited to find this wonderful American type fabric in Canada that I made into 2 patriotic pillows for the cottage.  I took pictures to share with you. 

     Doesn’t it look like one pillow is “red” and the other “blue”?  When in fact they are made from the same fabric but one has a red cording and the other a blue cording.  It amazes me how the cording pulls the coordinating colour from each pillow. 

It even looks that way when you flip one over to show the backside which with the red cording again looks like its more red….             until you reverse the pillows again    It is NOT taking much to amuse me here. *lol*

The neighbours have this cozy little spot behind their cottage.    

It invites you to sit, or read, or visit with a friends, and sip lemonade


  and listen to the birds, or admire the flowers.


                  This little bird’s nest is empty this year, except for these dried leaves.  It was sitting in the flower flower box from last year.    It sits where it was deserted last spring after a racoon pushed it out of the box.  You can see it in the corner in the picture below.  I should put some little decorative blue eggs into it….

The flowers in the window box on the shed we planted last weekend are looking stronger this weekend too

Tonight I worked on the engagment quilt I started a couple of weeks ago, that I should have given a couple of weeks ago at the engagement party, but it wasn’t finished.       

Tomorrow I hope to pick up some fabric for the back and then I can start quilting it.

Kathy Mousher’s Delicous Baked Beans

3/4 lb ground beef

1/2 lb. diced bacon

1 cup onion diced

1 28 oz can Pork and Beans

15 oz can Pinto beans (drained and rinsed)

15 oz can Lima beans (drained and rinsed)

15 oz can Navy beans (drained and rinsed)

1/2 cup bbq sauce

1/2 cup ketchup

1/2 cup brown sugar

2 tbsp prepared mustard

2 tbsp molasses

1-1/2 tsp. chili powder

Fry the bacon until starting to brown, add onions and ground beef and cook until ground beef is cooked.  Drain.  Add all the beans and mix very well.  In separate bowl combine the rest of the ingredients and then add them to the beef and bean mixture.   Cover and bake for 45 minutes.


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2-Day Mini Cottage Vacation

Starbucks Coffee Yum

My brother introduced me to Guatemala Antigua coffee from Starbucks while we camped at the cottage the past 2 days.  It was obviously so yummy to me that when I got home I headed right to Starbucks to buy a bag and can’t wait until morning to brew a cup.

My brother and Janine Ken and Janine  drove  all the way  Ken\'s Bus   from British Columbia last week and now are at the cottage 2-1/2 hours north of me.  Geoff, Robyn, Madeline and I drove there together yesterday and spent the night.  It was absolutely wonderful.  We had a terrific time…      We swam swimming...……… and sat by the lake and fished fishing down by the water ….we watched and fed the chipmunk…..watching the chipmunk……. served up a yummy bbq dinner.  This is my brother and me Ken and I.  We  all worked hard together and built a firepit Roasting Marshmallows in our New Firepit and roasted marshmallows and made Smores……and laughed Sitting Around Together and told stories and watched the sunset The Sunset... and gazed at the stars.  We didn’t want to go home!!  On the drive we were fascinated by all the Inuckshucks which are stone figurines made high up on the rocks along the way.  Inuckshucks on the rocks on the drive home  How special it was to spend this time together…

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