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Crazy or not…mouse or not…

Poor Donkey’s Tail

I don’t know.  I wasn’t going to post about this because I don’t really think there is one…mouse I’m talking about..but since I’ve told you this much I’ll tell you about it.  Last week I was sitting on my sofa, laptop on my lap and it was getting late and just from the corner of my eye I thought I saw some scampering…movement…and when I looked fast I could have sworn I saw a mouse running from under my heater towards my diningroom buffet!  Nahhhhh I said.  I looked that way for a minute and wondered where Kelly might be…Kelly the kitty who just turned 20 years old.  No place.  So I put the laptop down and caaarrrefully walked that way but didn’t see anything more.


I sat down and sort of forgot about it as a I resumed my blogging and if I didn’t see again from the corner of my eye a movement going from where I thought a mouse might have scampered back to the heater.  No…please no.  Carefully I looked around and hated that it was time to go to bed actually.  I didn’t see anything more but then a mouse wouldn’t just be sitting there.  I was sure I was still mistaken..somehow.  I forced myself to go to bed knowing that Kelly would be there and surely a mouse would wake her up…thats what cats do..sniff out mice.


The next evening I stopped at Canadian Tire to get a mousetrap JUST in case.  They were closed and I was going out of town the next day.  So I decided I was just seeing things and we’ll wait and see.  Last week I noticed that a one of the tails of a Donkey’s Tail plant I had planted this summer was missing all kinds of little bits off one tail.  I disregarded it thinking that it just dropped them…someplace.  It sits on my window behind sheers in the livingroom.

Well…last night after being away for a long weekend and watering plants I noticed the Donkey’s Tail has little teeth marks and more bits off the 4 tails.  I don’t understand it.  It couldn’t have been Kelly.  With her age she has stopped bouncing up to that window.  Marc said it has to be Kelly.  I know that I did leave the diningroom chair against the door to the balcony and maybe she might have decided to wander around and bounce up there but I can’t imagine that.  She never even looks that way.  Here are some pics of what happened though the digital didn’t capture the teeth marks.  So do I tell the Super that my unit might have a mouse in it?  Or is it just Kelly?    By the way….it was a mouse.


Well since I was back from vacation last week I have had some mouse issues at WORK too.  Computer mouse issues.  It keeps stalling…giving beeps…working…lighting…and not.  Today, I think I figured out that it is dying and isn’t related to our network or anything else.  *Shaking my head*.   I was able to crawl under the desk of an absent co-worker and “catch” her mouse and trade.   So at least that was definately a mouse issue and is all fixed now.

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