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Wine Tasting Evening & Enter to Win at Edie’s

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This is a lifestyle, not a diet.  Enjoy the journey”…. author unknown to me.

On Saturday the Love Bunny and I attended a Wine Tasting Evening with 4 friends at a restaurant in town.      We purchased our tickets ahead of time.  It all started at about 7:00 p.m.  We were introduced to some new wines, and were served a different one with each of the 6 courses.     The dinner was so yummy but these pictures really don’t do justice to the food.   It really looked lovely on the plate.  In some cases I forgot to take a picture until I had just started eating so that ruined the presentation some.    We started out with tomatoes, hand pulled mozzarella and tomato salad with balsami reduction and arugala greens.   

The next course was a creamy butternut squash soup that had dried tomatoes and chives.    which was soooo delicious. 

    The third course was a wild mushroom flan “Brulee” and endive salad sald with julienne cut celery root.        

This was followed by baked sea bass with barley pilaf with green onion and pumpkin seeds, roasted turnip and rutabaga batonets, carrot and parsnip.  mmmmmmm..      

 Next we had a herb roasted pork loin, with garlic potatoes, turnip and strip peppers.

And for dessert we had apple crisp, poached pear and vanilla ice cream.   The ice-cream was melting a bit for the picture but it was very yum.   Oh my! 

The whole dinner lasted about 3 hours so we had a a lot of time for a  nice evening, yummy food, good conversation and fun.    …. and to end the evening a Bathroom Snapping Diva Picture.  I just couldn’t get the flash off though!


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