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Time to Come Back Home… :o)

My youngest son and his girlfriend took a “little” trip to the Canadian west coast to B.C. during a late summer.  It was going to be an adventure that would last maybe 2 months…maybe 3 months and their plan was to work while they were there.  They ended up settling quite nicely into the wonderful terrain and gentler lifestyle, working and exploring and now just about 2 years to the day later they are coming back home!  Its very exciting and I can’t wait.  They visited at Christmas and my son was home briefly in June.  They purchased a 22’ trailer which they gutted and painted and primed and recushioned and replaced kitchen cupboards and its just like new.  Only 11 days now until they load up and head back.   In the meantime the trailer is up for sale..click on the pic for the listing.



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