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Special Labour Day

Great Grandmother Meets Baby Jack 

It truly was.  Marc’s mother who will be 93 in November hasn’t been able to make the 2-1/2 hour drive to the cottage for about 8 years.  She hadn’t even seen Baby Jack yet.  What a wonderful weekend it was for her…and for everyone to have her make the drive with Marc’s brother and his wife on Saturday.  She came along with her oxygen in tow.  We expected she would want to lie down for a little while but no she was set for the day’s events and visits and in fact didn’t go to bed until 9:30! 

Family and friends came and went during the afternoon to visit her and we had planned a dinner for a possible 13 people which counted up to 21.  There was enough food and enough laughter and stories to fill the whole evening. 

The touchiest moment was when she was introduced to her newest great grandchild, Jack who is almost 3 months old.   She held him so tight and they looked at each other…it was a special moment.  She didn’t want to give him up and even decided to forego her dinner to sit with him.  So precious.

Everyone contributed to setting up the table(s) and washing dirty dishes and clearing up.  It was such a nice, nice day.   Once the place had cleared it was about time to go to bed and everyone slept wonderfully with a nice, fresh breeze off the lake.  As we sat for our breakfast more family and then friends stopped by until it was time for me and then the others to make the drive back home.  It was a very memorable weekend.


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