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Blue Monday

Blue Monday Instructions  Sally at smilingsally.blogspot.com is hosting Blue Monday.  Be sure to visit her to see more blues for the day and click to see what the other bloggers participating today for Blue Monday have to share.

This weekend while we were at the Hilton Apple Festival I took some blue pictures to share with you.  There was the blue scarecrow way up high smiling down at us all.


One vender had these lovely glass flowers…see the blue ones in there?  They made up such nice bouquets.  These reminded me a bit of the hotel Belagio we saw in Vegas that had the whole ceiling made of glass flowers somewhat similar to these.  That was awesome.


I loved the pottery this vendor was selling.  I liked the look of this glass mask.  It would look neat outside on a  fence wall.  Don’t you think?  Wonder if a bird would slip in there and build a nest?


I love sunflowers and they look great painted on these blue vases.  


Here are some more flowers.   All her paintings were so good…loved what she did on these jugs.


Another vendor made a great assortment of pottery.  There are many varigated bowls and items with blue in them.  Really pretty.  I love pottery.

Now be sure to check Sally’s blog for more blue.


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