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Mother’s Day Cookies

Baking Cookies      Madeline sprinkling sugar cookies

Madeline, my almost 4 year old granddaughter, was over while her mom and dad went out on a “date” evening.  We had dinner and then we decorated and baked sugar cookies for Mother’s Day.  I had bright sprinkles in pink, purple, majestic yellow and brilliant blue.  We rolled them out together and she cut them with either a large icecream cone, teapot or heart mold.  I laid a frosting of icing sugar and lemon juice on the cookie and then she sprinkled different coloured sprinkles on the cookies.  The cookies on the average had 3 different colours.  She couldn’t understand why her hands were turning a brown colour from those beautiful colours but I guess thats what you get with that mix.  Tadaaa Wrapped Up Cookies I wrapped them in pretty bags with ribbon and Sunday she can give one each to the mothers and to her Uncle Richard who’s birthday we’ll also be celebrating.  shhhhhhhhh its our secret about the cookies.     


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Hallowe’en Night – Madeline’s Delight!

The Fairy Princess

Madeline said she was going to a “flying princess” at Hallowe’en.  She knew it didn’t sound “quite” right and we tried not to chuckle, well she did catch us doing that.   We told her she was a “fairy princess”.   She is loving fairies…Snow White…Sleeping Beauty…Cinderella all those pretty characters.  She herself was so cute.  She was 3 this summer and this really was her “first” year of understanding the whole concept.  Madeline practised at home and at preschool the little ones went through the whole scenerio of Hallowe’en.  She was a beautiful Princess and so well mannered.   As she trapsed up to the doors she uttered “Trick or Treat” and thanked everyone and over her shoulder would call “Happy Hallowe’en”.

Sparkly Smile

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Madeline Models

Madeline ModellingI sewed a skirt, vest and purse for Madelne and took it to her place to try on.  She put on the vest with matching coloured top, the skirt and swung the little purse over her shoulder and modelled for her mom and dad.  My son G took some pictures.  This was the first time I had sewn clothes for her and wanting to keep it a secret I couldn’t get too many measurements.  I was happy they fit. 


Now I have other sewing ideas.  Its so easy sewing cute, small sized clothes.  At least its a little faster…

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