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Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt Fabric

This afternoon I sewed this baby quilt from two lively coloured cotton fabrics.   The front is a panel of  colourful, lively animals on cotton print.  The animal eyes are so cute.  The back fabric is coordinating and I’ve quilted batting in between.   Instead of washing the fabric before sewing I did so after the quilt was complete because I love the way it creates small puckers.  I quilted the fabric diagonally and turned over the back of the material for the trim.  It was quick and easy and fun to sew too.

Below is the finished blanket.  It was completed in just a few hours ….

Handmade Baby Blanket/Quilt

I’ve folded over the back at the top to show you the backside.   Baby Quilt

Baby will have lots to look at in this quilt once he/she is a bit older.  Its so colourful.    



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Baby Shower & Gift

731428792207_0_bg.jpgJungle Scene Chenille Like Baby BlanketClose up of Baby Blanket

Janet had her baby shower yesterday. She’s due on June 28th…her dad’s birthday is on the 30th. Maybe he’ll get a very special birthday present this year. :o) The shower was held at a lovely dance studio that belongs to one of her best friends. The little one received so many presents. Its all so exciting. I think its going to be a boy and I believe apart from her mother-in-law we’re all guessing she’s carrying like “a boy”.  We can’t wait. One of the presents I gave her was this baby blanket I made. It is made up of different layers and cut and the more you wash it the more chenille like it becomes. The closeup picture was taken before the required washings were done to create the chenille look.

The fabric is wonderful. I will be offering some in my store but in a different print. I’ve had quite a bit of interest in this blanket as well as requests for instructions. I had seen someone elses version of a chenille type blanket someplace once and I came home and worked at making my own version of it. Although I’ve never made a pattern I may work at one for this blanket that I can put up for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Now we’ll just sit and wait for the little bundle of joy to arrive..

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