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Bracelets Galore for Spring and Finally in My Shop

Precious Hearts Bracelet

I have been making bracelets…bracelets…bracelets.  I love the dazzling look and the feel of a lovely bracelet embracing every move on my wrist.  Here are some pictures then. 

 They can be found in my etsy shop.    tn_green.jpg        tn_pearls-and-hearts1.jpg  

               tn_rubyred1.jpg           tn_jewellery1.jpg

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On Your Mark..Get Set…SEW!

I have had sewing projects ready to go both in my mind and sewing area.  Its a snowy day out there and perfect for a sewing day so I will share a couple of ideas.  I plan to make another chenille type baby quilt.  The front panel looks like this 00161.jpg

and like this 0015.jpg and the back will be the yellow fabric with the coordinating little specs of colour to coordinate.  The fabric is a soft cotton. 0011.jpg

Also because we are going on a cruise!…in early March,and I’ll write more on that later, I found a McCall’s pattern #8108 that would make a nice little dress to take along.  It is one of those 1 Hour Dress patterns.  I have been waiting for the spring/summer fabrics so I might make a deek down the road to Fabricland to check on that.  0008.jpg


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Treasured Quilt and Just Like Me


A few years ago the manager at a place I worked made wonderful quilts.  She can’t even remember how many she has made and sorry she hadn’t taken pictures of them long before she started to and before she GAVE THEM AWAY!!  Whenever someone left the company she would make them a quilt, usually a  throw size and inspired by that particular person.    She is so fabulous at quilting it seems to take no time and she’s done.   Yet she continually takes courses to learn new techniques and ideas.

When she showed me this particular pattern with its houses and bird houses I remarked in glee how that would be just my style if I could make one.  I was astounded when she said this one would be for me.  That hadn’t been my intension.  She wanted to know what colours would suit my decor and asked me to show her a pillow, fabric etc.  I showed her the greens, yellows, mustards, brick reds, pinks I so love and said “please…no blues”.  That was a bit of a challenge for her as there was to be blue sunset. 

I didn’t think about the quilt knowing she was working on a couple of projects in her classes.  When she presented it to me I just gasped.  My first thought on this beautiful quilt was how could someone know MY favourite colours?  It was absolutely me!  She signed it for me and I treasure it.0018.jpg


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Springy Stripes and Flower Purse – Amy Butler Fabrics


I used different lovely Amy Butler fabrics for the exterior of the purse and a coordinating yellow/white pattern cotton for the lining.  It keeps its form nicely because the interfacing is a medium weight fleece.  A handmade felt flower pin sits pretty on the purse or it can be removed and worn to bring together the look.  It is another purse I designed and sewed.  Spring IS coming and what a great way to feel feminine.  This pretty piece is available in my shop. Felt Flower Pin

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Teddy Bear Wallhanging

GTeddy Bear Wallhanging

Last month I made a chenile type Teddy Bear Wallhanging in the same method as the chenille type baby blanket I made in June 2007.  The method was the same using 5 panels of fabric, sewing and cutting but its only 20″ square.  The more you put it into the washing machine and drier the more the cuts open up creating more chenille.  The back has two little rings for hanging it on the wall.  It is ideal for the little child or teddy bear lover.  You can find it in my shop. 00011.jpg

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Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets

Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet

October being Breast Cancer Awareness month I have been making pink Swarovski crystal bracelets and donating money to help support the cause.  Initially I made 15 of them and after they quickly sold I have been taking orders.  They really are pretty.  Swarovski crystals shine so beautifully and the Swarovski pearls complement the piece so nicely.  I put them into my etsy store this morning. 

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Productive Soap Day & Ordering Delights Online

Citrus Honey Handmade Soap

Citrus Honey is the soap in the top picture.  Normally I use this mould to make Bee Honey Cream with Oats soap.  I altered the scent a bit adding some citrus essential oils.  Oh my goodness!  I love this more.  Its fresh and its honey and it looks so attractive.

I have had soap production over the past couple of days.  I had originally planned on making 4 of my best selling glycerin soaps.  That was it.  I wasn’t going to experiment and love it so much that I would just keep on making more…nope.. because I knew how time consuming it was and I was only making what I needed.  Funny how it never happens that way.  Before all the next hours were up I had created 9 different scents of which only one was one of the four I was SUPPOSED to make.  Thats how it is.  The house smells soooooo good.   The greatest to actually combining the essential oils to coordinate with the soap style is when they are cut.  You never quite know until that time.  Tomorrow I’ll wrap and label.  They will go into my etsy store.  Jewel Glycerin Soap

 I’ve taken care of ordering more woven labels from woven labelsfor my bags and pouches.  I finished crocheting Madeline’s poncho and will give it to her tomorrow on Thanksgiving.  The yarn is so nice I thought but I’ll have to get Son G to take a picture of it because I don’t have a digital again.  What did we ever do without some of these great accessories to life I wonder?   From http://paperfarrago.etsy.com I ordered some lovely Amy Butler Glittery Scalloped Circle Tags and rectangular ones also that I plan to attach to some of my bath products and/or use as additional labels for my sewing products.  I can’t wait to get those.  I also ordered some wool rove!  Etsy has beautiful coloured wool and I thought a new project could be in order.  My order from http://TheFlyingEwe.etsy.com went into the mail for me yesterday.    This weekend I’ll be able to pick up my book Bend the Rules Sewing which arrived at my other address last week already.  Oh my….if I get snowed in sometime soon I am going to love it!!  hmmmmm… thinking on that I’ll wait until we HAVE to have snow to say that.  I love getting lovely things in the mail that I might not find out in the stores.

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