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Glycerin Squeaky Clean

Its almost Christmas and I don’t have one bar of soap to give to any of the family this year!  Thats a good thing and a bad thing actually.   I make handcrafted soap and always give my family soap.  This year I reduced the usual quantity thinking maybe I could guestimate a smaller  amount.   Well that wasn’t a good idea because I made about 35 lbs that were approximately 4 oz each so that was quite a few bars and they’re all gone leaving some disappointed customers and now family too. 

I’ll show you what they looked at as I was making them… halloween-and-soup-010oh I was feeling so inspired and my place mmmmm smelled lovely….halloween-and-soup-027 A basket of some  of the bath bombs, in here Lavender and Red Currant and ThymeTea.  Do you use bath bombs?  They fizz so nicely in your bath releasing sea salts, mineral salts, skin softening sweet almond oil and lovely essential oils.   Wonderfully relaxing after a hectic day…

 Putting together little baskets  halloween-and-soup-068


are these not pretty?  Pretty cello bags and crates of wonderful bath goodness…halloween-and-soup-009

big baskets of goodies…



and little baskets of handmade bath products….


I was so pleased  this week for a request for 10 more soap…and 2 more small baskets…and whooops all gone…I’m thrilled, really thrilled but…no glycerin soap clean family this Christmas…..


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From a Garden Globe to a New Flower Garden

So one thing leads to another….the garden globe I picked up on Friday needed a nice flower garden around it.  I took the picture above on Friday.  Those green plants you see were along the side and back of the shed with a rose bush in the back.  

Today I removed most of those plants, the weeds, widened the area and went back and forth to the garden centre to buy some dirt and plants.   This is how the flower bed looks now at the side…..  I planted some perennials; a daisy, euchanasia, lobenia, rodenbeckia, lavender, a hosta and then added a few annuals.  This is the back….   Its a little late in the season to get really big.  I wish I had found that darn garden globe 2 months ago.  However next year the perennials will start to fill out.  It was a beautiful day with a lovely breeze which was good because it was a hot job.  Now,  the Love Bunny doesn’t know I’ve done this rearranging…hopefully he’ll like it.


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Lavender Flowers

Lavender is such a popular herb with many uses. The essential oil as well as the dried herb can be used. Lavender essential oil is one of the few that can be applied directly to your skin. Add 10 drops to about 30 mL of carrier oil – grapeseed oil or sweet almond oil for a lovely massage oil. It has wonderful skin healing properties for psoriasis, acne, insect bites and small burns for example. It has become a favourite for both females and males.

It is know to uplift your mood, ease your sleep, aid with depression. It is very calming….add a few drops to a hanky or material and tuck under your pillow for a more peaceful sleep.

I came across a recipe for a Carpet Refresher as follows:

Ingredients: 1 cup sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), 10-20 drops lavender 40/42 essential oil Instructions: Mix well and place in a container that is covered overnight to absorb. Then all you do is sprinkle some on your carpet before vacuuming. mmmmmmm…nice smelling.

Did you know you can also bake/cook with it? I haven’t yet but I’m checking out the recipes and will share and let you know more about this…has anyone used lavender in baking?

I enjoy a burning lavender soy candle….a soothing bath with lavender bath salts… so nice… :o)

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