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Pink Saturday

  Its PINK Saturday hosted by Beverley at   How Sweet The Sound.  All kinds of lovely pinkness can be found when you visit her blog today.  Visit all the participants and leave a comment.   They want to know you’ve really been there and they love reading what you have to say  :o)

“It’s PINK  Saturday yipppeeee my momma loves PINK  Saturday”  said  Abby.  Pink Saturday!!  What IS PINK  Saturday anyway momma?? What are you doing momma?  Oh no that is not my favourite PINK fluffy Easter band….yikes what are you trying to do??? 2009-january-1103                   Its not even easter and I can’t wear that silly PINK thing…  I’ve seen Madeline put that thing on momma’s head and she doesn’t look like a Fairy Princess!        2009-january-101       

Maybe if I close my eyes and look disgusted my momma will understand…2009-january-106         

I’m not going to sit pretty with this thing around my neck….I’ll just lie here and play dead…




              2009-january-1082                     Why is she whistling at me and telling me I’m such a pretty little girl?   There isn’t anything pretty about this.  I’m not going to even look up I don’t want anyone to recognize me…                  2009-january-112                                   Oh this is humiliating if you ask me….                                                                                        

   All for the sake of PINK Saturday and ladies leaving comments! hmph!!!  Now isn’t this a much nicer picture momma just pretty me sitting looking at this pretty PINK bow? 2009-january-1031                Silly Abby she was determined not to let me take a picture of her with that band on her head and I thought she looked adorable!  Be sure to check out the other lovely pinkess participants….and have a lovely day.   Judi xoxo


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Tea-for-One Sets ….. for the birds?

Good Morning…its Pink Saturday again!  Beverly from HowSweettheSound is hosting Pink Saturday where you can click and travel throughout her Saturday post to participants who are showing and taking about all the loveliness of PINKS.    Be sure to visit her blog and leave a comment on the PINK blogs you visit so they will know you’ve been there.  That makes it more fun too!

Those of you who have read my blog since the summer know that I love to take Tea-for-One (teapot and cup sets) and transform them.  I like to make them into a Teapot Garden Party for the Birds such as this PINK one.  Cute isn’t it?  I have made about 18 of them.  They have all sold except for 4 that I’ve kept or given away as gifts.  fall2008-032

I just look at these little Tea-for-One sets in a different way these days.  There are so many different colours and styles available.  Well this fall I found and purchased this French Toile, red and white transferware Tea-for-One set with the intention of making it into the same type of bird feeder which would involve drilling and bolting the pretty little one.halloween-and-soup-0212 

When I got it home I just couldn’t do any alterations to it.  It sits in my hutch where I can admire it just the way it is.  Pretty? halloween-and-soup-0213 I do have to admit it was called a red and white transferware but there is such a soft PINK hue to the colour.  I am passing it through for you to admire the PINK in it. 


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Pink Saturday

Its Saturday!  Welcome to PINK Saturday hosted by Beverly from How Sweet The Sound.  This is a day for participants to show or talk about something PINK.  Be sure to click and go to Beverly’s blog to see all the other PINK Saturday bloggers.  They’ll love for you to leave them a comment so they know you’ve been there. 


We celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving on October 12.   My brother was visiting at my mom’s and picked a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her garden for my Thanksgiving table.   Aren’t the dahlia beautiful?  There were many different flowers in that bouquet. 

 When all the other flowers were ready to be thrown out I realized that one bunch had dried beautifully. 



I’ve set them into a silver tea pot where they look lovely.   It is some sort of decorative tree but we don’t know what its called.  

Does anyone know what kind of tree it is?  They only flower at the end of the summer and are a lovely shade of PINK.    Even now there are flowers on my mom’s tree however because of the weather hers are not dry…just very decorative.

I hope you’ll be able to visit the other Pink Saturdays at least bit by bit because the list has grown.

Have a lovely weekend.  Judi



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PINK Saturday and Children

Its Pink Saturday again hosted by Beverly at HowSweetTheSound.  If you haven’t yet visited all the Pink Saturday blogs be sure to click on Beverley’s site to see where to find them.  Everyone you visit will love to receive a comment from you so they know you’ve been there.

Years ago my youngest son painted this Easter Egg by waxing down some thread and painting in between.  The egg has travelled with me for years and has become more and more precious to me.   I can’t recall when he painted it but it must have been about 18 years ago.   If you shake it you can hear the “egg” rolling around.  Recently while thrifting I came across this AVON bunny egg cup with its PINK flowers and the bunny’s PINK ears and nose.  It is dated 1981.  My son was born in 1981 also so it only seemed appropriate the egg cup and egg were meant to be together.  This was another bunny to add to my collection.

This is my eldest son with his 4 year old daughter Madeline.  She’s wearing a PINK sweater which in the picture looks more salmony and PINK barrettes in her hair.  You can tell she loves her daddy.   His job has him working different schedules and she’ll ask him if he will be there in the morning when she wakes up.  She knows if he will be then he’s not on day shift and they’ll have sweet times together that day and her big, blue eyes will dance with excitement. 

Thank you for stopping by for my Pink Saturday and stories.  Be sure to check out the other Pink Saturday sites. 

Have a lovely day.   Judi 


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Pink Saturday

First off if you haven’t yet entered my coming up 200th Post and Giveaway, please read about it in my Friday’s “Girls In My Circle and a Giveaway”.  Leave me a post to let me know you would like to participate and I’ll include your name!!  Good luck!


This is my second Pink Saturday.  Beverley at HowSweetTheSound is responsible for organizing Pink Saturday which is just that…a Pink Saturday post.  Be sure to click on her blog to read more from the Pink Saturday contributors.  They will love to receive a comment from you.  They love to know you’ve been there! 

The Love Bunny and I are a bit busy today so I may not be able to finish my visiting until Sunday but I may be in and out.  Remember if you follow my blog and have been leaving comments please leave me a comment to let me know you would like your name entered for my giveaway.  I posted about it yesterday.  :o)

Last weekend was our Thanksgiving in Canada.  My brother and his girlfriend stayed at my mom’s place from British Columbia.  Before they came to my place he picked a beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers from her yard.  Now her yard is small but soooo full of flowers this year.  Beautiful flowers.  I think her jaw must have dropped when she saw all that he’d picked *l*.  Anyway it is fall and they looked beautiful in my vase.  I snapped some pictures of the pink dahlia.  Aren’t they beautiful?

  Dahlia come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours.  They last so well both in the garden and as a cut flower.

I had another 5 orders for the Teapot Garden Party Birdfeeders I made and sold last month.   I’ve just received 3 more orders and have decided to make few extras.  This is a cute pink one.


Its easy to have pink pictures when Madeline is around.  Her favourite colour is purple but she wears a lot of pink too.  This is a picture from last summer when my mother and her were swinging.  Madeline was 3 and my mother was 78 and its hard to say who’s swinging higher!


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Pink Saturday

My eldest son and his wife and Madeline came over for dinner last Sunday evening…and the pink is coming soon.  Before I left Marc’s I gathered up a few dried branches nd sprayed them black…and I had had looked for a black crow most of the weekend too, with no luck.  On the way home I found one at Michaels and I glued on some little ghosts and bats.  Its not looking as great as it really is…and those of you who’s idea I have 
“copycatted” know how neat it really is.   


Beverley at HowSweetTheSound is hosting Pink Saturday.  Today I have some pink to share with you also.  First I wanted to share Madeline’s pink outfit with you.           Turning this way to show off her pink and brown plaid (I love those colours together) and her little pink jacket my mom had bought for her.  She is always dressed so nicely and she loves clothes.  She’s only 4 but has always been this way and she’s also very feisty and athletic and loves to climb and hang off everything at the park. 

Now I know I’ve been slipping my pictures from last weekend’s Hilton Apple Festival into posts since then but I did save some pink too.  One of the vendors had made these cute pink swinging dolls  and beside her was a vendor that alll kinds of pink cuties in her tent.    This is a sampling of the pinks   Truly a pink person’s place both young and old.  Now be sure to click back to Beverley’s to see all the other pink goodies for Pink Saturday.


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