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Birthday & Italian Dinner Prep and Great Shopping Deals

Just the 3 of us

I’m finishing this post at the top.  We had a nice birthday party for Son #2.  At the end of the day everything did taste good and we had laughs and I was so happy we were all together.  This is a picture of me, Madeline and the birthday boy.

So it was a very busy and productive Saturday.  One of those days that seems to go on and on and things get done!  Wednesday is Son #1’s birthday so we’re getting together at my place tomorrow for dinner.  I can’t imagine how involved this simple birthday has been today.  I was up early and went shopping to Oakridges Outfitters and bought 2 really nice shirts for him.  One is a button down shirt that has a neat texture and is a dressy casual look.  The other is a  really neat t-shirt.   I may treat him to a couple of car wash coupons as well.

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