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Ruby Band Diamond Point

Today I drove one of the ladies from work home.  I was so close to a thrift shop…I had to go in.  I found this beautiful 2 piece set with the little plastic spoon.  They were taped together and between the pieces was a slip of paper with careful washing instructions.   It also identified the pieces were made by the Indiana Glass Company.  I searched online and learned the pattern is a Ruby Band Diamond Point pattern.   It is in excellent like new condition and I’m loving them so much  I think I will be searching for more pieces.  


I think the top piece will probably serve up some delicious cranberry sauce, or chutney or my zucchini cucumber pickle relish.  Yum.  The bottom could be for pickles, or butter or would be lovely as a candy dish.  What a lucky day and buy for only $5.00.   I found some other treasures but I’ll share them another time.


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