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Blue Monday – Thrifting

Blue Monday Instructions

Today is Blue Monday hosted by Sally of SmilingSally.  Visit all the participating bloggers for more lovely BLUE for your day.  Be sure to leave a comment so everyone knows you’ve been there!

I have never been a BLUE person.  I can comfortably wear only navy blue or a certain pale blue.    I’m a green, buttery yellow, raspberry, bricky red kind of gal.  Love blue when I see it but under no circumstance could I do it in my home…or can I?   I am loving cake plates and gave one to my DIL for Christmas to my younger son’s girlfriend for her b’day in January.  But I don’t have one…yet.  So yesterday I was on a mission when I headed for the thrift store.

Then.. I spotted this one in absolute perfect condition for $2.99.  See all the pale BLUE in it…and the touch of green and touch of pink and silver rim? 2009-january-002 









Then I saw the matching BLUE bread/cake plates under $1.00 each.  There were 8 of them…2009-january-005to serve up the cake…BLUE…









Then I could not resist the matching BLUE  covered casserole $3.99.   None of these pieces showed wear…











I tried to avoid the matching 2 piece BLUE gravy boat… $2.99.  But couldn’t.



Unfortunately there were only 5 dinner plates and 3 were chipped so I left them all there.   I also found 5 little dessert nappies  but didn’t take them. (should I go back?).

As I walked around a couple who must have seen me picking my treasures came to tell me there was a matching teapot and 8 cups and saucers around the other side.  Thanks??….. 

 The teapot was $3.99 and I also picked up the matching platter it was only $2.99 .  How could I possibly resist them?    They are in excellent condition and only a few pieces have a very minute wear on the silver.   I can’t believe I brought home something BLUE, really you can’t imagine.   Its only because I’ve been blogging and admiring so many different BLUE items including a new love for china that I was able to bring these BLUE pieces home….and so far…they feel right at home.   I’ll have to mix and match them with my white dinner plates.    They are called Somerset by Excel.2009-january-0171









Blogging is certainly having quite an effect on me… you too?   Have a lovely BLUE Monday..  Judi xoxo


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Thrift Dishes

Tonight my eldest son Geoff and his wife and my little Madeline are coming over for dinner!  We’re having crusted tenderloin, twice baked potatoes, green beans, peas and pearl onions in white sauce,  and a salad filled with veggies.  I’ve saved some of the Tipsy Chocolate Cake I made on Saturday for our dessert.  I think it’ll be yummy.

I am going to give them these Wedgewood Group Stoneware dishes I picked up while thrifting this fall with the intension of giving it to them.    I believe they were $14.00 .  Included were 8 like new dinner plates, cups and a large veggie serving bowl.  2009-january-0211









This is the underside.  They are oven to tableware made by Wedgewood Group in England.  Nice aren’t they? 












This is a better look at the plate which suits their decor.   They have glasses that will look perfect with the plates as well.   The moment I saw them I had them on my mind and I had to get them.  I have had them in a box ready to give to them so its about time I do!   I  hope they like them too.2009-january-0161   Boy I love a good deal on something so worth it!









Hope you have a lovely day…  Judi xoxo


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Fun Weird Trivia Friday Facts & Thrift Find

I hope everyone has had a good week..and now we’re getting into the weekend..yahooo…

I am sharing some Fun Weird Trivia Facts for Friday….some more important stuff (or not) that you may be interested in knowing.  Sometimes you may end up in conversation with someone who thinks they know EVERYTHING…well maybe these facts will come in handy.  Maybe you’ll show that person just how clever you really are…or…ummmm..maybe you are at a party and…you don’t know what to say to someone you’ve just met and you could say “Hey did you know that…????… well you know what I mean.

First let me share my thrifting.  Last night I did a little thrifting just looking for one thing…the 1 cup teapot sets.  I could not find any so I allowed myself to come home with one find.  Its a pretty silver tray with little feet that appears to be treated not to tarnish. 

Just perfect for my perfumes in my room.

and here is the Friday Trivia…

Tablecloths were originally meant to be served as towels with which dinner guests could wipe their hands and faces after eating.

Until the nineteenth century, solid blocks of tea were used as money in Siberia.

Tourists visiting Iceland should know that tipping at a restaurant is considered an insult.

When glass breaks, the cracks move faster than 3,000 miles per hour. To photograph the event, a camera must shoot at a millionth of a second.

A violin contains about 70 separate pieces of wood.

During your lifetime, you’ll eat about 60,000 pounds of food, that’s the weight of about 6 elephants.

Dolphins sleep with one eye open.

A sneeze travels out your mouth at over 100 m.p.h.

There wasn’t a single pony in the Pony Express, just horses.

Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails.





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An Evening of Production

 A few days ago I posted about forgetting my debit card at home when I was thrifting.  It is really impossible especially when you find something you really want and have to leave it behind.  Anyway today I had a 1/2 day vacation and I had to check if the soup tourine might still be there.  I was pretty excited because it was!    Isn’t it pretty?  It will be perfect for serving some hearty soups and stews this winter.  I had also seen 3 white canisters but only one was still there.  That was perfect because it was the smaller one and I wanted it for tea bags  

So they sit together in a new found spot.    I’ll show you the little white pear salt shaker another time.  Its really neat. 

I’ve found a lovely blog called tootsietime that belongs to  Glenda  from Alberta, Canada.  She has a beautiful garden and she gives a great tutorial for making a garden ornament out of a teacup and teapot.  I loved it.  So I also found this tea set (its the teapot that sits on a large cup) and I found the saucer separately .  I hope it won’t break when I try to drill into them.   

Tomorrow the love bunny is going to Las Vegas to meet his son who lives in Hawaii.  It will be a guy’s weekend that will last until Wednesday.  I’m home this weekend therefore and will watch my granddaughter on Saturday evening.  The rest of the time so far is my own so I’ll see what I can catch up on.  Today I’m sewing my geisha bag….I have a lap quilt to finish up…and all kinds of things I want to start to do, including Glenda’s garden tea party project.  I hope by the end of the weekend I’ll be able to show you some of my fruits of labour.  I will be disappointed with me if I don’t. 

Have a lovely evening…I’m off to sew.  Judi


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Another Fitz & Floyd Salt & Pepper Set

I am sharing another Fitz and Floyd salt and pepper shaker set I adore.  One of them is a bunny and I love bunnies.  It isn’t the right season for this set but here it is anyway.  I had admired it for some time in the stores and a few years ago while the love bunny and I were in Houston right after Christmas I found it for a steal on clearance! 

Today I took a drive during lunch to do a little thrifting.  What was I thinking…not very much apparently because I didn’t realize I didn’t have my debit card with me.  At least not the one that has money in it.  I was really annoyed when I found a perfect sized white soup touraine.  I have wanted one so badly and there it was.  I had it in my hand along with a pretty Poppy china plate when it hit me that I had no money and couldn’t buy it.  They will only accept cash or the RIGHT debit card so with much regret I left them there.  I might make a bunny jaunt over there again tomorrow at lunch and see if it might still be there..*crossing my fingers*.  Now the bad thing about going there right away tomorrow is that there was also a 3 piece white cannister set I admired.  Today I was able to walk away from it but if its there tomorrow?  who knows…

Do you collect Fitz and Floyd pieces?   Is there something that you absolutely love to collect in F&F or something else?


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Ruby Band Diamond Point

Today I drove one of the ladies from work home.  I was so close to a thrift shop…I had to go in.  I found this beautiful 2 piece set with the little plastic spoon.  They were taped together and between the pieces was a slip of paper with careful washing instructions.   It also identified the pieces were made by the Indiana Glass Company.  I searched online and learned the pattern is a Ruby Band Diamond Point pattern.   It is in excellent like new condition and I’m loving them so much  I think I will be searching for more pieces.  


I think the top piece will probably serve up some delicious cranberry sauce, or chutney or my zucchini cucumber pickle relish.  Yum.  The bottom could be for pickles, or butter or would be lovely as a candy dish.  What a lucky day and buy for only $5.00.   I found some other treasures but I’ll share them another time.


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Thrifting en Route to Grocery Shopping

Jack is bringing his mommy and daddy over for dinner tonight.  The love bunny always has dinner with his daughter and her family on Thursdays.  Tonight because I am here on vacation they are going to come here and we can visit.

  On the way to grocery shop I  passed these little duckies that have been drinking from a roadside puddle this whole week.  Love that poofy hairdo!

I stopped in to a thrift shop I’ve discovered a couple of weeks ago just to have a little look…and I had a little buy too.  They were having a summer clearance so I found this lovely plate.  I am thinking it might be part of a snack set.   There is a perfect little spot on it for a tealight candle.     I’m not sure what this piece of china is?  It would make a nice candy dish, or for cranberry sauce or flowers.  Maybe it was a sugar bowl? 

    I love this type of glass.  The lid fits on snugly with the zig zag cut of the glass.  A pretty candy dish, or jewellery dish…

     This little pottery has little round spicey scented balls in it.  The fragrance is lovely and comes through the little holes in the dish.  Into the kitchen it goes.   

This lovely dish caught my eye and  and turning it over I read the familiar make, Arabia which is made in Finland.  My background is Finnish so it came home with me.      

 I think this candle holder looks pretty on the love bunny’s table.  You can see my flower wheelbarrow in the background. 

I guess those were all deals I could NOT live without so its a good thing I stopped on my way.  Nothing was only $2.00 so I think I did pretty good!


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Tuesday Thrifting and Relish Preparation

It was a gorgeous day here.  A great vacation day for myself.  I got so excited with the Fish Jugs Sheila posted about yesterday that she had found at a thrift store.  She spray painted them white and don’t they look amazing?      She told me it would be fine to share her fishey picture with you.  Her home is beautiful and the fish jugs look right in place.  Sooooo this morning … oh I can’t share this with you yet.  Not until….next week? I hope I will have it right here in front of my camera…next week!  They you’ll be able to see.  I hope we’ll be pleased. 

In the meantime while I was out picking up some veggies I deeked into a thrift shop.  I found some lovely vintage pillow cases.  

Doesn’t the yellow and white one look sunny and fresh?    

This one has embroidered flowers.      Now I have another new project to begin when I have a moment, a pillowcase dress for Madeline.     The 4 pillow cases were only $1.49 each except for the embroidered pair which were $1.99.

Keeping in mind about fish jugs and sharing with you next week….. I found and purchased this miniature bird jug.    It has the same shape and mouth as the fish, so I couldn’t resist not buying it.  It was only 99 cents.    

I found some more wonderful crafting books for my crafting library.       

 Aren’t these arrangements beautiful?    

  Two books for $3.49 what a deal!

Then I washed up the veggies for the Confetti Zuchinni Pepper Relish.  Don’t they look delicious?    Now I’ve sliced and diced all the delicious veggies and mixed the zucchini, onions and salt and they have to sit overnight.     Tomorrow bright and early before it gets humid I will begin the cooking.  Yum!

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