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Thrifting en Route to Grocery Shopping

Jack is bringing his mommy and daddy over for dinner tonight.  The love bunny always has dinner with his daughter and her family on Thursdays.  Tonight because I am here on vacation they are going to come here and we can visit.

  On the way to grocery shop I  passed these little duckies that have been drinking from a roadside puddle this whole week.  Love that poofy hairdo!

I stopped in to a thrift shop I’ve discovered a couple of weeks ago just to have a little look…and I had a little buy too.  They were having a summer clearance so I found this lovely plate.  I am thinking it might be part of a snack set.   There is a perfect little spot on it for a tealight candle.     I’m not sure what this piece of china is?  It would make a nice candy dish, or for cranberry sauce or flowers.  Maybe it was a sugar bowl? 

    I love this type of glass.  The lid fits on snugly with the zig zag cut of the glass.  A pretty candy dish, or jewellery dish…

     This little pottery has little round spicey scented balls in it.  The fragrance is lovely and comes through the little holes in the dish.  Into the kitchen it goes.   

This lovely dish caught my eye and  and turning it over I read the familiar make, Arabia which is made in Finland.  My background is Finnish so it came home with me.      

 I think this candle holder looks pretty on the love bunny’s table.  You can see my flower wheelbarrow in the background. 

I guess those were all deals I could NOT live without so its a good thing I stopped on my way.  Nothing was only $2.00 so I think I did pretty good!



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