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Child’s Vintage Pillowcase Dress … Vacation Thursday..

This is a better picture of the placement of my vintage “ladies in frame” I posted about earlier this week.

This is ANOTHER beautiful day on my vacation and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sitting outside sipping my morning coffee.   I absolutely LOVE my morning coffee…MORNING coffee then after that I’m set for the next 24 hours.  Sometimes, I go to bed just thinking of how I’ll love waking up in the morning anticipating that yummy coffee.  Crazy…or do you feel the same?   But just the morning one.  I like to have a cup of tea in the afternoon but neither coffee or tea past 7:00 p.m. because then  I know that even counting sheep won’t put me to sleep.

 I made the vintage pillowcase dress for Madeline last night from this week Tuesday’s thrifting finds.   I posted a tutorial a few days if you are interested on how simple it is to make.  

Doesn’t the hemlook look cute at the pillowcase edge     What a fun day I had yesterday I was able to work on different projects and do my own thing.  

My eldest son, his wife and Madeline are coming over tonight for dinner.  So I’ll have Madeline try it on.  I have enough material from the top of the pillowcase to make a similar dress for a doll I’ve made some time ago.  She needs a dress and then she can go home with Madeline.  We’re having fajitas so I’ve been doing up the peppers, onions, chicken, mushroom ahead of time.   It’ll be a short visit because she has soccer tonight so I’m going to be prepared so we can visit a while.  (If you check the post after this you’ll see Madeline modelling the vintage pillowcase dress-now I want to make more!)

On that note I had better get on with my preparations.   Have a lovely afternoon and delcious dinner too.



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Child’s Vintage Pillowcase Dress

My Madeline having a photo break while observing a chipmunk up close….

Oh my!  Cute.  I’ve seen a few really cute  little vintage pillowcase dresses around online.  I wanted to share the tutorial I found at  Tutorial at Red Instead  for a vintage pillowcase dress, if you are like me and interested in sewing one up.  I haven’t any vintage pillowcases though.  Can you suggest where I could purchase an embroidered one?  I haven’t checked ebay yet.   This is another beautiful little eyelet dress  Shelly  has embellished for her little one I wanted to share with you.  It is tooo cute.  Love to try that too.

Updating this post…I made the vintage pillowcase dress and I have posted it on 7/31.  So much fun to make!


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