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Wednesday Started Out With Relish!

I was up at 7:15 this morning…vacation or not.  Its an overcast, cooler kind of day just perfect for making my relish.  Last night I left the zucchini, onions and salt to mellow until the morning.  I now know why.  See all the liquid it pulled out?   I rinsed and drained the liquid and added the red and green peppers and the cider vinegar and the spices.   That I boiled for about 20 minutes stirring periodically. 

This is how it looked before going into the boiled cans     

I processed them for about 10 minutes and  Voila!!  Zucchini, Pepper Relish.   Ohhhh I hear the lids popping in the kitchen.  mmmmmm    

I wish I could share some with you today. 

If you are interested in the recipe its here again but  I changed it up a bit.  For appearance as well as taste I added 3 medium size red peppers as well as the 1 green pepper called for.  I also added one diced large English cucumber.  I added some red chili pepper flakes for a little taste and to the 2 jars with the coloured lids I added more chili pepper flakes.

Now its raining out there.  A perfect day to start on another project…hmmmmmm…what will that be?  I hope your day is full of sunshine and relish of sorts.


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