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Tuesday Thrifting and Relish Preparation

It was a gorgeous day here.  A great vacation day for myself.  I got so excited with the Fish Jugs Sheila posted about yesterday that she had found at a thrift store.  She spray painted them white and don’t they look amazing?      She told me it would be fine to share her fishey picture with you.  Her home is beautiful and the fish jugs look right in place.  Sooooo this morning … oh I can’t share this with you yet.  Not until….next week? I hope I will have it right here in front of my camera…next week!  They you’ll be able to see.  I hope we’ll be pleased. 

In the meantime while I was out picking up some veggies I deeked into a thrift shop.  I found some lovely vintage pillow cases.  

Doesn’t the yellow and white one look sunny and fresh?    

This one has embroidered flowers.      Now I have another new project to begin when I have a moment, a pillowcase dress for Madeline.     The 4 pillow cases were only $1.49 each except for the embroidered pair which were $1.99.

Keeping in mind about fish jugs and sharing with you next week….. I found and purchased this miniature bird jug.    It has the same shape and mouth as the fish, so I couldn’t resist not buying it.  It was only 99 cents.    

I found some more wonderful crafting books for my crafting library.       

 Aren’t these arrangements beautiful?    

  Two books for $3.49 what a deal!

Then I washed up the veggies for the Confetti Zuchinni Pepper Relish.  Don’t they look delicious?    Now I’ve sliced and diced all the delicious veggies and mixed the zucchini, onions and salt and they have to sit overnight.     Tomorrow bright and early before it gets humid I will begin the cooking.  Yum!

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Confetti Zucchini Pepper Relish —- and puzzle

Today has been a rainy day…dark…and rainy.  Once of those days when you feel like baking or cooking or sewing something.  You know?  One of those days.  I can’t craft since I don’t have any supplies with me but I will share with you some finds from yesterday.  I can’t download pics today so I can’t share until I get home.  I plan to put them in my etsy store once I get sorted out.  ANYWAY  I AM going to make this Confetti Zuchinni Pepper Relish– once I get home…  If your weather is like ours you might want to play the zucchini relish word find once you view the recipe.  Enjoy the day.

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